Love letter to my husband. I love the way…

Now I know that by now I don’t need words to express the way I feel about you. Simply a fleeting glance, a sexy pout, a gentle brush of the hand, and we’re right there, seeing eye to eye and deep into each other’s head. But, today on Christmas Day, your birthday, I wish to express honestly, explicitly, and publicly how I feel about you.

I love you for everything that you are, so gentle yet strong, so modest yet bold, the distinct head of our family yet still my equal partner. I loved you yesterday for all that you were, and I’ll love you tomorrow for all that you’re yet to be. You lead with such class and grace, and you’re loved by all because of it. You see the world through “rose-colored” lenses and in that world “every ting criss.” You are my balance, the voice of reason to my impulsiveness and the calm to my storm.

I love the way you love your family. Your love for our boys is pure and unconditional. You’re a man with maternal instincts rivaling that of any doting mother. Once you told me you would never kiss our babies if they were boys. Well Sir…I loved the way you showered our three baby boys with kisses, from the top of their tiny heads to the soles of their chubby little feet. Now as men, I love the way you guide and protect them and provide a stellar example for them to follow.

I love the way you love your mother, you…her precious gift born on Christmas Day…and now my gift for every day.

I love the way you love me. My husband, my protector, my doctor without a medical degree, my best friend, my lover. I love the way you make me feel safe and secure. I even love your over-protectiveness. I love the way you love me when everybody’s watching and even more so when nobody is. Loving you is easy, no insecurities and no jealousy. I love the way you rub my back, your fingers pressing into tiny scars left from darker days. I love your eyelids, cheeks and lip kisses before you leave in the mornings, gentle enough to say goodbye and sweet enough to make me miss you the minute you walk out the door.

I love you in sickness and in health, for better or for worse, you’ve always had my back and baby I’ve got yours…love you and Happy Birthday!!


37 thoughts on “Love letter to my husband. I love the way…

  1. This is heart warming and so touching, It doesn’t surprise me that you express all this in such beautiful words because I have a front seat to this beautiful love story. From teen to adult, dating to marriage, free spirited to having kids and the good and the bad, Happy birthday to your forever Christmas gift.

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  2. Janice and Merrick~the amazing love story that we get to see and be a part of in real-time. One of my all-time favorite couples. You life is love, Your commitment to each other is love. You encapsulate and epitomize love in very vivid colors and actions and have created your very own ‘forever stamp’ of love. Happy Birthday Merrick, Janice’s Christmas gift that keeps giving daily. Continue to enjoy and love each other always~💞❤️🌸🌺💕

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  3. Simple beautiful, the depth and essence of love in every phrase, happy birthday Merrick, and blessings for you and family this Christmas, peace and contentment for the new year

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  4. This is absoutely beautiful!!! A love that is so true, so pure, and so free. In the words of George Sand, “There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved.” Thank you both for showing us what a true fairytale love looks like. Happy Birthday Merrick…aka Janice’s prince charming🙂.

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  5. My Dear Janice,
    You have put on words, the language of love that shines brightly through two people whose hearts beat as one.

    Blessed love my Sis and Happy Birthday dear Merrick.

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  6. Beautifully written. It brought tears to my eyes because I am witness to this each and every time I’m in you guys presence. Your love is genuine, mutual and pure. You are blessed to have each other and the love you share. That kind of love some, if not most people search a lifetime to find. Happy Birthday Merrick, the most upstanding dude and bro-in-law. Sis excellent catch…lol❤️

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  7. OMG.. so beautiful. I felt like I was reading a romance novel. However, so real. You are such an outstanding couple.True love never dies. Happy belated birthday Merrick. Your are a 💎. Truly great person. Blessings 💕 and many more birthdays and more years to come with J.

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