Bloganuary #1 Breaking it to Me Gently

Bloganuary Challenge#1 -Advice to Teenage Self

Hey little girl, it’s me…yes you…that’s me. The year is now 2022, in fact it’s New Year’s Day and I’m sitting here after a night of ringing in the new year with family, thinking of some words of advice to share with you.

First off, I know you said you do not want kids but girl you have three. That little “dislike” you have developed for children will pass in about 8 years. Decades later these kids will be fully grown handsome young men and you will be wondering how it was you got here. I know family has always meant everything to you, but in your daydreams a husband and kids of your own is never part of the plan. All that will change, that single life you desire of working and living in the city and smoking cigarettes, you will soon come to realize is only glamorous in your dreams. So, I tell you, be kinder to the little kids who come over to visit, give them a chance. If you still feel the urge to pinch and stick out your tongue at them, don’t…instead be nice, karma is real.

So, I guess by now that beige rotary phone is still sitting locked on top of the table in the living room, the country is slowly transitioning to color tv, but you’re still stuck with the black and white one. You’re still listening to daddy’s old LPs on the stereo, and with long days of reading and playing outside with Denise and your dolls, everyday seems like an eternity. Well, my dear, in about 10 years things will drastically start to change. I can’t begin to explain the concept of cell phones, cable TVs, computers, and Apple Music much less the “cloud” so all I’ll say is this, technology has made some leaps and bounds and soon there will not be enough minutes in your days to get all that you want done. So, enjoy your childhood and the leisure time you have right now and don’t be so eager to grow up. Enjoy your life, don’t be so shy and self-conscious. Be bold, speak up, say how you truly feel, say yes when asked to dance at a party. I know, you know, sitting on that wall all night while everyone else is dancing is no fun.

Finally, how do I break this to you gently? That guy in your class right now, the one they’ve nicknamed Flego? The one mom saw you with at the taxi stand and asked if he was your boyfriend and you gave her a vehement “NO”? That was true, I know right now you would never allow yourself to let any guy know you like them. However, with Flego you truly see him as only a friend. Remember mom saying to you that you might end up marrying that guy some day? Remember you saying, “I would rather die first.”? Well, my dear you will marry Flego someday and obviously since I’m here writing to you, you are still alive and kicking. He will be the father of those 3 beautiful boys I mentioned. Don’t look so surprised, it’s one of the best decisions you will ever make! So, when you see Flego at school, be nicer to him…but not too nice…save that for later.

Happy New Year, catch up with you in about 40 years!

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