Bloganuary #2 Back in Jamaica

Bloganuary Challenge #2 “A road trip you would like to take”

Some of the best road trips I have ever taken were as a child in my home country of Jamaica while travelling in my father’s gray Datsun pickup truck. Nothing beats sitting in the back facing the wind while speeding through hilly winding country roads. We would leave out early in the morning so we could see the beautiful sunrise peek up from behind the mountains, and if it was a very good day, we would still be on the road with the setting sun. We drove through towns with beautiful colored people, many with faces shaped by poverty. We passed through “rich” neighborhoods with beautiful houses no doubt occupied by Jamaicans with finely manicured lives. We sped past rivers, trees, dew capped mountains, bamboo arches, and crystal blue oceans. The highlight of our trip was stopping along the road for jerked pork, roasted corn and natural juices.

I’ve been on numerous other wonderful road trips since then and I have travelled the world, but the feelings never compare to those country roads of Jamaica as a child, in the back of my father’s pickup truck. The challenge today is, “What is a road trip you would like to take?” I’d say after these last 2 years of isolation and separation, I’d go anywhere! Just point me to any old country road, and in my mind, I’ll be back home in Jamaica!

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11 thoughts on “Bloganuary #2 Back in Jamaica

  1. Your childhood road trips in Jamaica sound fabulous. I went on a road trip in Jamaica once through the blue mountains. Several years ago. It was gorgeous and I loved it, except for the fact that my teen daughter got extremely car sick and the driver had to pull over on narrow hilltop roads at a moments notice. It’s a whole story. I should write about it. Thanks for your story. It evidently brought back some memories.

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