Bloganuary #4 – Favorite Childhood Toy

You ask what’s my favorite childhood toy? Can’t say I remember having one. The poem below captures childhood memories.

When Nature Calls

By Me

As a child I never had a favorite toy, I ran and played with girls and boys.

What toys we had were built from scraps and we nursed homemade dolls upon our laps.

Our games were made of random things and our only concerns were what adventures the day would bring.

We’d laugh and play and skin our knees and we dared to hang by legs from trees.

While dolly house and dress up were the girlie way, paper boats in gutters were perfect on a rainy day.

When nature called for a number one not two, the bushes made the perfect loo.

Oh, what fun we had on summer days, when all we had to do was play.

Life was fun for every girl and boy, with the simple things of nature our favorite toy.

Bloganuary Challenge #4 – Favorite Childhood Toy

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