Bloganuary #5 – I wish I Knew How…

I wish I knew how to change a car tire. I’m sure you would all agree that after being left stranded with a flat on the side of a road numerous times, it would make practical sense to know how to do that.

The last time I had a flat, I was driving on the Merritt Parkway and if anyone is familiar with the Merritt, you know it has only 2 lanes and very little shoulder for pulling over. I was driving home from work, late like I usually was, and it was getting dark, and the good ole Merritt has no streetlights.

Sure, enough as I was cruising home listening to my Barry Manilow CD, I got my 3rd, or was it my 4th flat. Of course, just like the previous times all I was equipped to do was take out my phone and cry for help like the helpless stereotypical female that I was in that moment. Unfortunately, this time around my husband was too far away to be of any help.

My options were, waiting for over an hour for my husband to get there or waiting for who knew how long for AAA. Looking at the dark sky that kept getting darker by the minute and the cars whizzing by, I chose neither. I got back into my car and decided to ride that flat for quite a few exits to the nearest service station located by my GPS. With WAZE annoyingly dictating my every path and the huge trailer trucks flashing their lights and honking at me as they passed, it was easily one of my most gut-wrenching experiences.

Therefore, I made a resolution (yes, I know, those things we don’t usually keep) to learn how to change a flat so that I would never have to relive that horrible experience. That was over 6 years ago and today all I can say is this, “I wish I knew how to change a car tire.”

Bloganuary Challenge #5 Something you wish you knew how to do

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7 thoughts on “Bloganuary #5 – I wish I Knew How…

  1. Girl, your “bravery” instinct kicked in. Yep, we should all learn how to change a tire so it’s a great resolution. Thankfully some of these newer cars have run flat.

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  2. Funny twist at the end. I had actually asked my cousin who owns a tire business to please run a course for the ladies. The AA (South Africa’s version of the AAA) can also take a while to get to you especially on a freeway. I hope you get to learn soon!

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