Bloganuary #6 – Someone Who Inspires Me & Why

As a parent, you hope and pray that you are a positive example and an inspiration to your kids. It really is a welcomed bonus when you find yourself being inspired by them.

I am inspired by my 20-year-old son. He is talented, disciplined, smart, and loves the game of soccer. He’s not perfect by any means but his character makes him an exemplary young man.

His love for our family is undeniable in our close comfortable bond and the respect we share for each other. When he is home from school, we show our love for community by volunteering together. His love for God is evident in the way he is always present in his word, and he always credits his successes to the higher being first and foremost.

He is a natural at soccer, but he never stops grinding to be even better at it. He has a great work ethic. He trains hard, works hard and as a student athlete he studies hard to maintain good grades. He is always searching for personal growth and development. He’s a leader, a mentor and a young man who not only has become an inspiration to me, but also to his friends and other young aspiring soccer players.

His positivity is relentless, and all wins and losses are just opportunities to do better.

Challenge #6 – Someone who inspires you and why

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11 thoughts on “Bloganuary #6 – Someone Who Inspires Me & Why

  1. Omg, do you know I told him just last week via IG that he is such an inspiration. Next to you sis he is definitely an inspiration and a great role model!!

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