Bloganuary #8 – I Actually Like Reading Your Writings

My response today was inspired by another blogger’s post yesterday. Pardon me if I use this opportunity to tailor this response strictly to my thoughts on this challenge and my feelings thus far.

I like being able to share my views on various topics with people of different ages, backgrounds and countries all over the world. It is true, as my fellow blogger observed, that these challenges so far have tended to be “self-centric”, but I’m holding out hope that with 23 days left, at some point, we’ll finally get into the business of “peeling back them onions.” Remember there are no right or wrong ways to answer these questions, so be creative!

I especially enjoy connecting with bloggers who are authentic and honest who speak from the heart. I like reading about your own personal experiences especially when you’re not afraid to speak your minds. To all you funny guys and gals out there, I love you! This platform is for sharing and learning and empathizing and supporting, and your openness and vulnerability gets my likes every time.

Finally, I actually do like reading the blogs of other bloggers on this platform. If I have liked or made a comment on your blog it is because I have actually read it and I genuinely enjoyed it. I know this is a blogging platform, but if you’ve been spending all your time just writing and not reading, then you’ve been missing out on some great stories posted on this platform and the wonderful writers behind them.

Good luck with the rest of the challenge bloggers!

Challenge #8 – What you like most about your writing and why?

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9 thoughts on “Bloganuary #8 – I Actually Like Reading Your Writings

  1. I’m exactly the same way, I won’t “like” or comment on a blog unless I read it in it’s entirety and really enjoyed it.
    Like you, I’m also a fan of honesty and humor. Glad I found you, I am now following 🙂

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