No Regrets Here

Have you ever been caught unexpectedly by the realization of just how much your life has changed? Sometimes it’s as simple as seeing someone, driving past some place, or hearing a certain song, and suddenly you’re jolted into remembering that at some time in your past, this person, place or song used to be a focal point in your life. Somehow over the years while you’ve been busy navigating your way through life, they’ve somehow managed to become merely a distant memory.

Well…for me it was a song that broke me down and brought me right back to my childhood only a few weeks ago. I was suddenly overwhelmed by nostalgia and with my parents sitting right there across from me, visibly many years older than they were when we used to listen to this song, I started sobbing uncontrollably. As the song says, “memories don’t leave like people do.” The reality is though, sometimes they stay buried in our subconscious for years, the good ones and the bad ones, and then suddenly one day they take us totally by surprise.

Luckily, we’re not totally helpless in shaping the memories we will undoubtably face in our later years or whenever. We owe it to ourselves to make sure that crying, sadness and regrets are not the only emotions stirred within us when we look back. I’ve had a happy childhood, and my adult life has been pretty ok. Hopefully, I’ve been creating some happy long-lasting memories that will make me smile when they resurface in later years. We have to lay those positive foundations right now, make smart choices, live life freely and without fear, and keep planting those “happy seeds”. I know my future memories won’t all be “warm and fuzzy”. After all, this is life, but I’m doing my best to leave no regrets behind.

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10 thoughts on “No Regrets Here

  1. So right on! There are songs that takes me right back to being 22! And I always realize that there is no universe where the song comes on and I am anything other than 22! Keep planting those happy seeds Janice!

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  2. Awesome post! I can relate to your observation about your parents ageing. (They are a handsome couple!)
    We have no control over time but we do have some control over the memories we can create now to be enjoyed at a future date. Plant those happy seeds!

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