Bloganuary #9 – False Assumptions

Let’s face it, we’re all guilty of making assumptions, right or wrong, about the people that we meet. In fact, some of the people on this very platform have already made some about the people whose blogs they have read, maybe even about me. I know I have made some about some of you and believe me they are not nice. I’m just kidding, just had to get you to keep reading, forgive me. Seriously though, the truth is, it’s human nature and it’s instinctive for us to draw conclusions about what we have seen and heard, and in this case read, about someone we are unfamiliar with.

At the risk of not answering the question two days in a row, I really tried to think of some wrong assumptions people have made about me. A few popped into my head, but I wouldn’t dare say them out loud. Firstly, there is a great possibility they only reside in my head, and secondly if I did write them out loud you would be forming some brand-new assumptions about me, and you would probably be right.

So, I will answer the question this way, if you have been living your authentic self and you like the person you are, who cares what false assumptions people make about you? The people who know you and still like or dislike you, don’t have to guess about who you are, they already know.

I know not everyone will agree with this view, you can let me hear yours if you wish. What we should really be concerned about though, are the false assumptions and expectations that we place upon ourselves. Now those are somethings we can really do something about!

Challenge #9 – What are some false assumptions people have made about you?

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10 thoughts on “Bloganuary #9 – False Assumptions

  1. Someone once told me that what someone else thinks about me is none of my business. Very similar to the point you made. And you’re so right, living authentically is the best choice 😊

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  2. Here’s an idea you may or may not like: There is no ‘authentic self’, only ourself in relation to other people and/or situations. For example, the you I know is limited to this form of communication and whatever I’ve gleaned. So it for each person we encounter, which changes when when we’re in a group, which changes when we’re alone.


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  3. Interesting thought…good points. Yes people do put forward what they want others to see in different settings, but how long can you keep the farce going before your “true” self starts coming out. If you’re operating based on beliefs and principles then yes you are showing your true self. Love your question!


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