Bloganuary #10 – Just Grateful

More than anything I am grateful for family and friends and life in general, but today I want to express my gratitude for some of the simple things I often take for granted.

Grateful for My Memories

I am so grateful for my memories, whether they are in the form of pictures or videos, or they’re just stuck in my head, I’m so happy to have them. Memories keep me grounded in who I am and where I’m coming from. They remind me of good times and bad. Life is fragile and forever changing so quickly. With my memories I can go back, even if only in my head.

Grateful for Change

Change is as simple as the turning of the seasons from fall to winter or the ticking of the clock from day to night. Isn’t it amazing the different perspectives change allows? It allows me to see the world through different lenses. For me change represents renewal, and healing and it makes my life more interesting and worthwhile.

Grateful for Delicious Foods

If I’m giving thanks for food, I must be a foodie. No wrong assumptions there. Yes, I am. I am grateful for different countries and culture that result in all different kinds of cuisine. I’m Jamaican so I love curried goat, jerked pork, oxtail and rice and peas but I also love trying new dishes. I love eating out, but I also love cooking at home.

Grateful for Nature’s Beauty

I’m grateful for those beautiful things whose existence can only be explained in one way and one way alone. Thank God for flowers and trees and the oceans and mountains and all the other beautiful things that exist on this earth!

Grateful for Time

I’m so grateful for time. Time to enjoy life, to walk along the beach, vacation, read a good book or just do nothing. I am grateful for that! So grateful that I am here to enjoy the beautiful things of nature, enjoy delicious foods, watch the seasons change all while making more beautiful memories!

Challenge #10 – 5 Things You’re Grateful for Today

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12 thoughts on “Bloganuary #10 – Just Grateful

  1. Isn’t amazing that your gratitude list encompasses things that do NOT cost a lot of money. Memories, time and nature. Gratitude is a state of mind.

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