Bloganuary #12 – No 😤😏Here

Disclaimer: Please forgive me ahead of time for this post, some things are exaggerated and just meant to be funny!

Challenge #12 – Which Emojis do you like to use?

I will be the first to admit that I have been guilty of using an emoji or two from time-to-time. 😊🤣, being my two most used ones. But OMG, aren’t they like so annoying! I was a little happy when I saw this question last night because I ‘ve been having a 🔥itch to scratch on this topic. You ask which emojis are my favorite? My response is simply😒. I guess it’s a generational thing, but damn it seems like the younger generation, primarily on social media, does not use words anymore. Some of us older folks are not totally innocent either and it’s not cute.

It just 🤯how we can now write a whole darn sentence without any letters or words! Call me old school but I miss the good ole days when we wrote letters and commented on our feelings with actual words. We drafted paragraphs and used adjectives such as love, happy, sad and angry and added a few more words to express exactly how we felt.

If we were lucky enough to have the opportunity to be writing a ❤️letter, we wrote a whole darn page and ended it with XOXO and sealed it with our own lip sticked lips. Today, emoticons have replaced words and emotions, and a one paged love letter would probably be reduced to one line and look like this.

I ❤️u2. 🤷🏾‍♀️ when I’ll 👀 u again. 😘 until then. 💋👋🏾.

Got that? If for some strange reason there is somebody reading this who does not have a clue as to what I’m talking about, or does not agree, don’t take my word for it. Just go to an Instagram post and check out the comments, everybody’s on 🔥🔥.

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8 thoughts on “Bloganuary #12 – No 😤😏Here

  1. I agree with all you said. I find myself sometimes putting a smile at the end of a text or in a line in an email just to make sure the reader gets that I’m being lighthearted or friendly. They should either get it anyway or I should write it well enough that they understand.

    I won’t do it anymore now!

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  2. BEST BLOG I read in a very long time!! THANK YOU!! While I did write about an emoji I love, this is the very reason I hate GIFs and text speak. This is what friendships have been reduced to. I miss lovely, thought out responses, and yes, even letters (and phone calls that involve a voice, not texting). I’m so blessed to have a wonderful husband who is above that nonsense. He’s by far my best friend – in real time. Keep writing, girlfriend, I am your fan! HUGS!

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