Bloganuary #14- Breaking Through the Bloganuary Challenge

Challenge #14 – Challenge you faced and how you overcame it

This Bloganuary Challenge has been a real challenge for sure, here’s why. When I decided to join, I had only been blogging for a whole month. With only four blogs under my belt and approximately five followers, all of whom were family members and friends who would probably attest to subscribing under duress, I decided to enter this challenge committing to posting an interesting blog every day for 31 days. Interesting because what’s the point of writing if it generates no interest? I’ve found that the most interesting and inspiring blogs on this platform are the ones that are serious yet funny, real with a little bit of fantasy, and short with enough details to let you get the picture. I don’t know about you all but most of my latest experience with writing involves e-mails, memos and writing regulatory policies and procedures and believe me there is nothing inspiring nor interesting about that!

Now, I know most of you will agree with me when I say that the early stage of your blog is often times the most unrewarding job there is. Please let me know if this is not your experience because that would mean I’m doing something terribly wrong here. The challenge is, how do I stay motivated and committed to keep writing these blogs every day when it appears my biggest supporter is me. Not only am I my biggest supporter but the topics so far have primarily been prompts to write about guess who? Yes ME. Now I know there’s no better expert on the topic of me than me, but while that’s my most familiar topic, it’s not my favorite.

How did I overcome? Not sure I have yet. With only fourteen days into this challenge and with seventeen more to go, the verdict is still out. I’ve been getting a little bit more hopeful though with the new signs of life as “traffic” begins to pick up and new followers slowly start trickling in. I have also learned a few things on how to be successful with this challenge. The biggest one being “BE BRIEF!” Say what you want to say quickly and get out, so this is where I will start wrapping up.

Finally, I do realize that just like Rome, a good blog wasn’t built in a day!

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13 thoughts on “Bloganuary #14- Breaking Through the Bloganuary Challenge

  1. I think your end point says it all. You know I already ditched the Bloganuary efforts. I just can’t keep writing about myself. I love how you handled this one. Not to worry, keep writing and those who are interested will find you and stay.

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  2. Ah yes, be brief. I remember that bit of advice. I was never able to master it.

    This is my third blog. The first is no more, but I share my WP posts with the second on tumblr.
    The tech part is the hardest for me. That and promotion. The writing was easy because I use blogs mostly as a diary and I have stuff to say. Plus, my brain thinks in words.

    This blog is your website. However you choose to interact with it is the “correct way.” Ditto answering the prompts. We’re very good at adding pressure, aren’t we? 🌼

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  3. Hi Jan, I think you’ve got a handle on what makes a good blog. And I agree, writing about myself all the time doesn’t work for me either. I’m using Bloganuary for ideas and using those I like, but maybe only three or four a month. A post has to be engaging, and a splash of humour always helps.

    I will subscribe to your blog, if you wish to subscribe to mine feel free but either way won’t impact whether I keep following yours.

    By the way, on all technical things, there is a lovely man called Hugh Roberts who writes a brilliant and generous blogsite helping people with blogging. If you wish to check him out here is his link:

    Good luck!

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    1. Thanks Paul for your comment and tips. I will check out that link. I did visit your site a few times but sorry I thought you weren’t writing anymore 🙂. Loved your last article though, I will definitely follow.


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