Bloganuary #19 – Secrets Within?

Creepy house in the middle of the forest.

Fiction: Secrets Within?

As dusk settles over the dark forest, the thick fog slowly chokes away any sign of life. What is lurking in the shadows of those woods, or worse yet, what is skulking behind the walls of that creepy old house sitting alone in the middle of the forest? It has long been rumored that that old house holds the untold stories of many children lost in those woods. What uncovered secrets lie buried in the reported dark dank basement or hanging from the mildewed walls and ceilings of the attic? Are the stories true or simply rumors?

In the midst of the darkness, the bright light is deafening. To some it is a siren, “silently” screaming a warning to stay away but to others it’s like the Greek myth, enchanting unsuspecting lost souls out of the woods and into the supposed damnation of the basement.

The cobbled stone pathway leading up to the house has long been unused and crumbling with neglect. Inquisitive gawkers with fruitful imaginations continue to stoke the fires, from afar, of never-ending captures of innocent victims being lured and trapped in the house. But what of its inhabitants who keep that bright light shining? Aren’t they bothered by the rumors? Or is it that they aren’t just rumors?

Stay away from that house and out of those woods! But if you dare to venture, wait for the cover of light!

Hope you all enjoyed my attempt at mystery!


Challenge #19 – Write about something mysterious

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