Bloganuary #20 – Just Some of My Favorite Pics

Today’s Prompt: “What is the favorite photo you’ve ever taken?”

Holy cow, I’ve taken so many photos over the years this is going to be hard to choose? Before smart phones I used to travel around with my camera because I love, love taking pictures and it was during that time that I took the most beautiful pictures. It will be too much of an effort for me to go hunting for those pictures now, so I’ll limit it to what’s in my phone. Sorry I know I’ll be defeating the purpose of this whole exercise of finding that one special favorite photo, but again, sorry I can’t help myself. Since it’s impossible to stick to just one pic, I’ll do four.

This pic I took on vacation in JA. I remember I got up very early in the morning before anyone else was up and stepped out onto the balcony and oh what a sight! Taken with just my cellphone and no editing, just nature’s natural beauty at work.

Seems I always go back to my rafting pics, maybe these are truly some of my favorites. Rafting on the Rio Grande in Jamaica. I also always go home for my favorites.

Any mango lovers here? I promise I ate them all, well at least the fully ripe ones, by myself in 3 days flat.

Since “holy cow” was the first thought that came to mind when I saw this prompt, I thought I’d throw a few in 🙂.

Challenge #20: What is the favorite photo you’ve ever taken?

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23 thoughts on “Bloganuary #20 – Just Some of My Favorite Pics

  1. Wow great pics! Like you, I love photography. I have about 12,000 photos on my phone alone, forget counting the ones on the camera. There is no way I could pick just one favourite. It’s incredibly overwhelming.
    And those mangoes, I’ll take them all. Mangoes and guavas are some of my favourite fruits. 🥭 Love your Jamaican pics!

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  2. Mangoes are available most of the year here and like you I love them the rafting omage takes me back to when we rafted on the Black River so beautiful 🙂 Good choices I couldn’t pick an all-time favourite either 🙂

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  3. A couple of spectacular shots here, I especially like the second and the way the silhouette works. You have an eye for a good photograph, far more important than any technical expertise.

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