Bloganuary #26 – Living on Intuition and Character

My favorite part about myself is not physical at all. There are actually two things about me that I am proud of, and that’s my intuition and my character.

I would say that so far, my intuition has served me well. It has helped me to avoid some potentially less than ideal situations and on the other hand, it has also saved me from missing out on some memorable ones. For example, when the opportunity arose to take part in this Bloganuary challenge, while my head wanted to play chicken, my intuition had other ideas. Now let me make this clear, I trust both my head (my voice of reason) and my intuition (my gut feeling), but whenever the two come up with conflicting opinions, I always go with my intuition. In this case I’m glad I did, and there are some bloggers on this platform that I’ll be following long after this challenge is over.

Most of my closest friendships have been forged first through my intuition. I’m sure you have all experienced that gut feeling when you meet someone new that just tells you this is a “good” person, someone you could actually have a lasting mutual friendship with. Well I have, and I prefer people who are free of the baggages of insecurities, pride, jealousy and petty grievances and my intuition has, so far, been very reliable in helping me to gravitate towards these kinds of people. Of course, there are those rare occasions when my intuition is way off the mark but then I simply chalk it up to being human.

Finally, character is very important to me. Your character is made up of those basic moral qualities that define the type of person you are. A good character is not a standard I set only for myself, but I also expect it and admire it in my friends. Are you reliable, are you trustworthy, are you truthful are you compassionate, are you happy? In my head and heart, I’m all of these things and more, and I hope the people in my life will agree. There’s a song in my country that goes “pretty face and bad character…” I’m sure nobody wants that label. So, character is everything to me, it just makes life so much simpler. It frees your conscience, and it makes you more tolerable and even loved too because of it.

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Challenge #26 – What is your favorite part about yourself?

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6 thoughts on “Bloganuary #26 – Living on Intuition and Character

  1. I’ve learned to trust my intuition even if I can’t explain it. In the past it got me into trouble with the churches I was in because I would just “know” stuff and couldn’t explain how I knew. I was considered to be very suspect because I hadn’t gone to university yet I knew things that were taught there. 😬 fun times!

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