Bloganuary #27 – Place of Solace

Today’s prompt is: “Where do you go when you need solace?”

Now that’s an easy one, that would be my husband. He was my childhood friend and classmate, now he’s my best friend, my husband and my rock, and I promise that’s not just a cliche.

I’ve known him for 41 years, been together for 36 and married for 28 years. We share common interests, common goals, common lifestyles and common values so it’s only natural to me that he’s the person I turn to during times when I need a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on.

He has had my back through the good times and through some very bad times in my life. I love and respect him, and he loves and respects me.

Hey you, if you’re reading this, sorry if I’m embarrassing you, but hey they asked, and it had to be said!



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End of Bloganuary


12 thoughts on “Bloganuary #27 – Place of Solace

      1. I am very new to blogging, this was a great way for me to start. It is exhausting to post a blog everyday. With bloganaury, the daily prompts took us out of our comfort zone. I enjoyed it, but a breather would be nice.

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