Bloganuary #28 – What’s Got Your Ear?

Prompt: What’s on Your Playlist Right Now?

These days Anne Murray has my full attention. I’ve always loved her and other artists from that genre of music, but last year I found this playlist with a wide variety of her songs ranging from country to religious to just some plain good ole heart felt love songs and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Just some of the songs on the playlist

Music is a constant in my house, and every age group has their different taste in music, but I have to say we all tolerate and sometimes even enjoy each other’s selections “pumping” through the house on any given day. When my dad’s at the wheel, it’s Irish folk songs and tunes from the 1950’s. With my boys we’re bopping to Drake, Pop Smoke, Joe and the likes, and my husband keeps us grooving to some good ole Jamaican classics.

Me, I ‘m mostly a Barry Manilow, Nora Jones, Heather Headley and Anne Murray type of gal, and like I said, lately Anne Murray has got my ear.

Click below for my favorite Anne Murray song:

“Just Another Woman in Love”



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End of Bloganuary

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