Bloganuary #31 – Bloganuary Ends with Stars

Prompt: How do you feel when you look at the stars?

Sorry, unfortunately for me, I feel nothing. I do have a few feelings about a certain Bloganuary Challenge that I would like to share so please lend me your ear.

It all started with a wild ride, time machine less I might add, as we travelled back to the past to drop a few nuggets of advice on our teenage selves. The ride was quick and before we knew it, we were on a road trip back to our comfort zones and in the company of someone who inspires us and maybe even makes us laugh. I really liked our writings and these blogs because gratefully, most of us left no room for assumptions because day after day we showed up and boldly stated our points of view whether they were 👍🏾or👎🏾.

We all faced this challenge together and overcame, and I hope we have all learned some great life lessons. We don’t need superpowers, or a time machine, or rules from a mysterious book, or a picture-perfect life to make us feel strong. We are free to dream and love ourselves and find solace in the fact that we matter, and we can make a difference by ourselves and even more so collectively. Hey, it ain’t crazy to dream big and to feel as tall and majestic as a big oak tree. Finally let me say this if you don’t already know…yes, we can change the damn world we do it every day! Just keep shooting for the stars!

Happy End of Bloganuary, see you all around!

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11 thoughts on “Bloganuary #31 – Bloganuary Ends with Stars

      1. I think towards the end we were all pretty exhausted and the prompts at that point really took an “interesting” turn. I think most people got very creative though and really came up with some good and unusual blogs at this point.

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