The Blue Mountains of Jamaica

When we were young our parents never trusted those busses shuttling children back and forth to school trips. So, usually that meant that unless my dad was able to take the day off from work to drive behind the bus we weren’t going. Can’t say I remember exactly, but somehow there is this vague memoryContinue reading “The Blue Mountains of Jamaica”

My Emotional Journey to Menopause

Ladies we all have to go through menopause, some of us sooner than later. I was invited by the platform “Navigating the Change” to share my experience with medical induced menopause as a result of treatment for Acute Myeloid Leukemia. You can read my emotional story by clicking on the link below:

Humble Beginnings

I mentioned in my last post that I was a country girl from the Parish of St Thomas in Jamaica, and I posted some beautiful pictures of where I grew up. The reality is, it’s not all “sunshine and roses” for everyone in my Parish. For lots of people living in St Thomas and otherContinue reading “Humble Beginnings”

Friday Feelings

The feeling today is “grounded”. With a strong foundation you can weather any storm. Over the years, the river has eroded the soil beneath this huge tree, still those deep roots have kept it grounded. The same is true for you and me! Guess it also takes a certain amount of “chutzpah” to keep walkingContinue reading “Friday Feelings”

Touch Down Jamaica

After almost 10 months of staying with us, my parents decided it was time to go home to Jamaica. I guess it’s only fair, we will miss them, but they have their own lives to live, and they had never planned on staying that long anyway. Of course, being one who never misses out onContinue reading “Touch Down Jamaica”

Super Bowl Through the Eyes of a Dummy?

So, last night was the Superbowl and I’m okay with saying that besides knowing how to identify a touchdown and a sack I’m totally clueless about the rules of the game. Don’t know the names of the players, well maybe one or two, not the coaches, not the positions, well maybe quarter back, but mostlyContinue reading “Super Bowl Through the Eyes of a Dummy?”

Ordinary Love on Valentine’s Day

Finally, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and around this time every year we start thinking about what we want to do with that special someone for Valentine’s Day. I remember thirty-six years ago when my boyfriend, now my husband, and I started dating, Valentine’s Day was as simple as a single rose andContinue reading “Ordinary Love on Valentine’s Day”

Friday Feelings

Today is Satisfied Staying Single Day! Yes, this is an actual day! Satisfied Staying Single Day is recognized annually on February 11th. Just like couples celebrate Valentine’s Day, on Satisfied Staying Single Day, single men and women have a day to enjoy being alone or with friends without being in a romantic relationship. Feel goodContinue reading “Friday Feelings”