Just A Little February Greeting

In my home country of Jamaica there is a little saying that goes, “Mi likkle but mi tallawah.” It’s a term that Jamaicans use to say, “I might be little, short or small, but I can do big things.” That’s February for me, it’s my “tallawah” month of the year. It promises to be short and sweet and chocked full of blogging goodness.

Welcome to February and today I’m just checking in to say thank you for following my blog. If you were also with me through WordPress’ January Bloganuary Challenge, it was fun and now it’s time for me to share blog’s inspired by own thoughts and experiences!

Stay tuned, Sincerely Jan!

Just a few of my pics from my phone from Februarys past!


16 thoughts on “Just A Little February Greeting

  1. I never looked at February like that until you pointed it out. It’s a month of love, black history, start of the Chinese new year and I believe it’s the month we really re-set and settle down after all the expectations of January. Sometimes it gets 28 days and sometimes it gets 29 but it’s surely little and loud. Looking forward to see what you have in store for us in February.


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