Friday Feelings

The feeling today is “Respect” as in respect for a perfected skill.

Man climbing a coconut tree in Jamaica
Song By: Harry Belafonte

Trust me, this was much harder than it looks, but without a harness or rope, he climbed that tree in about 35 secs flat. His only concern when climbing was that we were “recording him good”.

“Every artist was first an amateur” – Ralph Waldo Emerson
Whatever your skill, work at it, and over time you will become a master at it. Eggy definitely got my respect that day!

Feel good this Friday, Sincerely Jan!


14 thoughts on “Friday Feelings

  1. I enjoy watching a someone who has perfected a skill. We had some cement work done. I can do really small projects with cement, but this project was beyond my skill. The men who did the work for me made it look so effortless and easy. I enjoy watching good craftmanship.

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  2. I definitely have respect for the tree climbers. We lived in the piney woods of East Texas. Although they (the tree climbers) had specialized tools such has spiked shoes and protective ropes, that profession still requires a tremendous amount of athleticism along with a high degree of risk.

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