What Type of Couple are You?

Well next week is Valentine’s Day and I’m still on the topic of love.

So, I must admit that recently I have developed some liking for a new guilty pleasure. Lately, I’ve been watching one or two or maybe even three of those petty gossip sitcoms on tv, am I the only one? They now have me thinking a lot about couples and some of the different extreme types of relationships I have observed on tv and social media and out and about in public.

Just like there are different species of birds, mammals, butterflies or whatever, I have come to the conclusion that there are different “species” of couples. Now don’t look at me all funny, I know that’s probably not the right word here, but let me have my fun. As I was saying, I have identified some of them and I have even named them.

First, I’m sure we all know this couple. They’re always together, no doubt whenever you see one, you’ll definitely see the other. If you happen to go to a function and only one’s there, the other is bound to pop up sooner or later. They’re always in each other’s company and they genuinely seem happy to be there. They’re like minded and are always finishing each other’s sentences. They only have friends in common and are each other’s best friend. In Jamaica we would call them “batty and bench.” so, I’m naming them the “Batty and Benchers”.
Batty = Bottom

Okay, let’s shift to the other side of the spectrum. How about the couples who seem to be married in name only? Unlike the Batty and Benchers”, these two are rarely seen in public together. If you go to a function and you see one, it’s pretty safe to say the other will not be there. They lead separate lives and, as it’s told on tv, they sometimes have separate bank accounts and financial obligations. They don’t talk about each other when they’re in public, and the people around who know them, know better than to ask about the where abouts of the other. I’m naming these the “Stand Aloners”.

Now this couple leaves me scratching my head every time. Disclaimer, I am not professing to know this couple. Newlyweds I understand, but how about the couples who have been together for ages yet looking at them and the way they behave towards each other, one gets the impression that they’re newly in love. They’re overly affectionate, always kissing and hugging and forever expressing some intimate emotion for each other publicly. On social media their love is always a public display of “champagne and pearls.” Real or fake? It’s not my place to judge the “Social Medialites”.

Now the next I recognize in my own parents and other older couples. If we live long enough, my husband and I will maybe get there one day. This is a nurturing relationship where the stronger person in the relationship nurtures and cares for the other. Almost like a parent child relationship. Now, this is cute in older couples, but it is not cute especially when I see grown women treating grown men like children, ordering them around and scolding them. For this one, I’ll call them the “Bear and Cub”.

Finally, the couple who’s always together but most times everyone around them wish they weren’t. Usually, a date between these two starts out great but before the night is over, they’re at each other’s throats screaming and arguing on full display for the whole world to see. Both or just one is jealous and insecure and is always very watchful of the other. Personally, I don’t know this couple, but I do know they exist,. Hey, I see them on tv all the time and everything on tv is true, right? These are the ” The Brawlers”.

So, there you have it, the Batty and Benchers, the Stand Aloners, the Social Medialites, the Bear and Cub, and the Brawlers and since I’m not a relationship expert, I will not be passing judgment on any of these types of couples today. Just having some fun with my observations. Maybe we all don’t fit perfectly into any of these extreme categories, but we might be a combination of two or three. If you do fit perfectly into one, no judgement, whatever works for you is none of my business.

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27 thoughts on “What Type of Couple are You?

  1. Great post. I think Iโ€™m a Batty and Bencher ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ, although we can have our own friends that we socialise with separately (but not all the time) ๐Ÿ™Š๐Ÿคฃ.


  2. Hmmm, interesting but I like it – I’d say I fall in the “Stand alone” with a splash of “Batty and Benchers” category. I’m introvert, can’t dance, have no rhythm (the only Trini alive without rhythm), do not like crowds and can’t stand partying (again, the only Trini alive who can’t stand partying!) My husband on the other hand, he is a “whinner boy” he will pelt waist from sun up ’til sun down (well when he was younger), but still life of the party, everyone wants to be where he is. True on everything but talking to each other in public – when we go out together we do talk, walk and stay together – and people know that we’re a couple.

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  3. This puts a smile on my face as a single girl! Thanks for the lesson in ‘Jamaicanism’. Funny, never heard that one before ‘batty bencher’…will have consult my family – not a Clarendon term for sure๐Ÿ˜Š.

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