What Men Really Want

Ladies do you ever wonder what it is that men really look for in the women they hope to have a long term relationship with? Well, I know I’m no man but I am going to share with you a few things I’ve heard them say over the years. Now, I have a few men in my life, some of them family including 3 sons of my own, a brother, cousins and friends and one thing is clear to me, most men want, or don’t want, basically the same things in a woman.

Now before I start writing let me say this. There are lots of great women out there who voluntarily or involuntarily do not have a partner. This blog is not a judgement of them. Hey, maybe the right men just haven’t found their way to them as yet or it could be these women are still looking for that right guy that checks all those boxes to make them want to settle down. After all, we women also have our standards of what we want, or don’t want in a man, but that’s a topic for another day.

Now I’m sure most of us women already know this, but it’s worth saying it again. You will need more than just a pretty face and a gorgeous body to keep a man. The key word here is “keep”. As these men tell it, they do admit that they are physical, even superficial beings and for some, the first thing they notice about a woman is a nice round butt, a pretty face, luscious lips or whatever physical trait it is that that particular man fancies. But as they put it, attracting is the easy part, and after the wining and dining is over and all the novelty of the new relationship has worn off, an ideal woman has got to have character, interests, goals and ambitions and other favorable qualities to make them want to stick around.

Men want partners with whom they can set goals and work with in order to achieve them. Simply looking good grows old quickly, and the average man has no use for a trophy wife. On the other hand, in today’s society women are just as powerful, independent and influential as men and most of the guys in my circle are okay with that. For them, it’s whatever works for each relationship, but sometimes it’s the attitude of the woman that’s the deal breaker . Constantly telling a man you are strong and independent and not in need of him, is a sure way to isolate and emasculate him, and most men will not stick around for that.

Ladies are you a jealous woman? This is a big one, guys do not like insecure women. You know those women don’t you? The one’s who are always searching their man’s phones, questioning him about his whereabouts and whom he has been with and being annoyingly jealous all the time. Listen, if any relationship is going to work there has to mutual respect and trust between the two people in the relationship. In the first place, ladies if you find that your partner just cannot be trusted then maybe it’s time to let him go.

Now I have heard this one many times. Most of the guys I know prefer women who are down to earth and real. There are men however, and God bless their hearts, who have an affinity for high maintenance women. These are the ladies who are always well put together with clothes, nails, hair and toes immaculate and who never take part in anything out of fear of “messing” themselves up or sometimes there is just genuinely no interest in anything other than self. Well, for the average guy, while he does want his woman to look good, he also wants her to be able to get “down and dirty” with him when necessary. My own husband, if you ask him what was the point at which he realized he wanted to marry me, he will tell you, it was the day I got out of his car in the pouring rain and helped him to push it after it had stalled.

There are some basic foundations of love, respect and common interests in any successful relationship but in addition, men want woman they can trust who are open and honest with them. No one wants a woman who’s “creeping around” or who is just not forth coming about the simplest of things. Secrets and deception are two of the quickest ways to ruin a relationship.

Finally let me end with this, sex is important to a man, and most will not refuse it when made “available” to them, but ladies, there are some men that do understand and will even like and respect you more if you make them wait a little before you “give it up” for the first time.

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17 thoughts on “What Men Really Want

  1. Well said and received my sis! Might I point out that you got some ‘foine’ young men in your family.🤣😁 The genes are very strong. May God bless you with the best 3 daughters when the time comes.


  2. Good words and a lot of truth. Men will eat terrible cooking if the woman has everything else. My husband tells me often the best times for him in our relationship is when we are working side by side, building fence, tearing something down or working with the sheep. We talk, discuss, then do on all our projects.

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