My Emotional Journey to Menopause

Ladies we all have to go through menopause, some of us sooner than later.

I was invited by the platform “Navigating the Change” to share my experience with medical induced menopause as a result of treatment for Acute Myeloid Leukemia.

You can read my emotional story by clicking on the link below:


11 thoughts on “My Emotional Journey to Menopause

  1. I understand about starting menstruations, my adoptive mother was not real positive about the new change. I felt like I was dirty. As an adult, I had a friend that told of the celebration when she started. Her dad sent her roses with an invitation for dinner when she was at school. That evening her mom told her to dress nice, when her dad came home he was dressed for a nice dinner out, had a rose for her. Her father took her on her first date. Since I heard this story when my girls were very young, I was determined they would not feel “dirty” about something natural.
    Menopause came to me silent, one day I just stopped having a period. No night sweats, hot flashes no signs it was arriving. I was saddened by it at first, I was no longer to bare children, not that I wanted anymore, but it still made me sad. Today, I embrace my age and stage of life. I am an older wise one or elder, available and willing to pass on knowledge to the younger people in my family and life. I do get hot flashes about thirty minutes after eating chocolate…lol.
    Love your post and experience and on being a survior.

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    1. Yes, I like your friend’s story, that was great of her parents to do back then. These days things are different, there are cute little menstruation kits that little girls love, I know my nieces loved it. Your period is like a friend you don’t like but you feel safe knowing they’re there 🙂.

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