Life is a fragile thing; we’re born and then we die and in between hopefully we have lived a life that was meaningful and worthwhile. It seems to me that when I was growing up deaths were a rare occurrence and no one I knew ever died. Occasionally someone died peacefully of old age but that was few and far between. Not so today, seems people are dying at an alarmingly faster rate, the young, the old and the not so old.

I’m saying all this not to depress you my friends, there is a reason for this rambling about death that I will not disclose on this blog. But what I do want to say again is this, life is a fragile thing, and we have to “grab it by the horn” and live the hell out of it!

Some of us get it right, we seize the day! We go out and live each day like it’s our last, making great friends and acquaintances and creating memories to last a lifetime. Some of us unfortunately have our memories erased and are forced to live certain recurring parts of our lives like it’s our first and then there are those of us who live our lives like yesterday was our last.

So, I’ll say this one last time, life is a fragile thing and tomorrow is guaranteed to no one, so live and don’t just live, LIVE!!

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11 thoughts on “LIVE

  1. I total agree. Guard your space and your time and Say Yes to living life! Live out loud! Wear your bright colors! Travel, spend time with those you love and live an authentic life.


  2. Couldn’t agree more, you personally have had your challenges.
    Your Mom and Dad will remember Parry and Ma B (Mr. & Mrs. Murray) across the main road from you in Springfield. They had 3 sons, Everton, Carl and Ricky. Carl lives here in Jamaica but Everton and Ricky live in the States and made plans to fly in this Thursday to visit their mother, unfortunately she passed Monday night.
    Keep safe and healthy now Janice!

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  3. So true. I wish I were in the “get it right” category. For some of us, it’s either bills or circumstances that keeps us from living our best lives or “getting it right!” Hopefully one fine day things will be different.

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