17 Days Ago

I have already spent 17 full glorious days in Jamaica. I’ve waded in the river, hiked up a mountain, rafted on the Martha Brae, climbed a waterfall, swam in the ocean and driven legally on the wrong side of the road. I’ve dodged what felt like a million potholes and got caught by a million more, ripped holes in 2 tires, watched many sunsets, travelled halfway across the island and had more than my share of mangoes, some I’m still wearing on my hips. I took a couple of trips down memory lane to my old schools and visited with old friends and family. This trip was well spent, it has lived up to my expectations and even more. It’s always good going home again.

Here are 10 of my most memorable moments/pictures:

#10 Visiting My Old High School – It’s funny, I spent almost 6 years at this school, and I can’t say that wonderful ocean view is something I remembered or even thought about then. A friend of mine said I was too busy looking at my husband to notice the view, I wish I had really noticed him then.

Morant Bay High School, our little school on the hill “Carpe Diem”

#9 Visiting My Uncle in Port Antonio – My uncle’s house sits at the top of a hill with the most amazing view of the mountains and the ocean. If that weren’t enough his yard is filled with fruit trees and beautiful flowers and this super guy built his house with his own two hands, all from scratch.

Entrance and front yard of my uncle’s house in Port Antonio

#8 After Sunset at the Beach – We had just had a swim in the ocean and watched the sunset. We walked over to a restaurant by the water, had a few drinks and looked out at the ocean. I took this shot, so dark and mysterious yet beautiful. Absolutely no editing. To me it looks almost like a painting, I love it!

Prospect beach St Thomas Parish shortly after sunset

#7 Traveling on Highway from Kingston to Negril – This pic is a shot I took through the windscreen of our truck. No sentimental attachment, I just love the composition of the picture with the yellow truck in the foreground and the colorful houses on the hill.

A1 Highway from Island’s East Coast to West Coast

#6 Lunch at Margaritaville in Negril – It was over 80 degrees, and the air was crisp and as usual the skies were blue and scattered with puffy white clouds. We sat in the outdoor restaurant with our feet in the sand while we ate blackened chicken sandwiches, burgers, French fries and drank strawberry daiquiris all while grooving to some calypso music playing in the background.

Beach at Margaritaville, Negril

#5 Turtle Bay Portland – My girlfriend and I had gone to visit my God daughter at Gee Jam Hotel, and we were offered a complimentary tour to kayak to see the turtles in Turtle Bay. Of course, the “yessers” that we have become could not say no. I didn’t see any turtles, but we worked hard paddling around trying to find them. I soon got lazy and extended my legs over the sides of the kayak into the water and left the poor tour guide to paddle all by himself in a kayak carrying my friend while pulling my kayak tied to a rope behind his.

View from Turtle Bay

#4 – Signs of the Time – Room for rent apply within, be sure not to check your virtue at the door. Short stay, long stay, overnight stay you don’t have to bring your furniture with you, I doubt it would fit in your suitcase anyway😊. “Laughter is the best medicine.”

Sign in Yallahs, St Thomas

#3 Going to Climb the Somerset Falls – Now this picture says a lot. Before this picture, we had taken the boat into the caves with my parents for the “dry” tour to see the falls. Now, because my friend and I are in a “yes” phase we decided to be darning and go back in for the “wet” tour which included sailing directly under the falls and climbing the rocks to have the water beat on our backs. This picture is of us, going back into the cave after we changed into our bathing suits. There was a whole lot of “HELL YESSESS” being screamed that day. Poor guy must have thought these 2 middle aged women were crazy!

Somerset Falls, Portland

#2 Sunset at Montego Bay – This pic was taken during a visit to see my dear aunt and cousins in Montego Bay. We all went out to dinner at Pier 1 and just as we pulled into the parking lot the sun was setting so I snapped this shot. The sunset was magnificent, the ambiance was just right, and it was great seeing my aunt and cousins again after a few years. This picture will be one I’ll never forget.

Sunset at Pier 1 in Montego Bay

#1 My Uncle’s House in Portland – Me at the same uncle I mentioned in #9 with the view of the ocean in full effect. Yeah, this picture being my favorite might seem a little self-absorbed but believe me with my friend taking this faux candid shot, all the stars had to be aligned to make this just right 😊.

So there, I have shared some of my most favorite memories, I hope you enjoyed reading along. My original plan was to spend 19 days in Jamaica, so after today I was scheduled to return home tomorrow. However due to an unforeseen situation, NO I don’t have Covid, I have to stay a little longer. 17 full days down in Jamaica and a little longer than 2 more days to go!

Until next time, Sincerely Jan!

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23 thoughts on “17 Days Ago

  1. Great blog! So happy that you were able to spend the 17 days doing what you planned. Since life is unpredictable, the second phase was planned not by you, but by a higher power. It will be just as meaningful as the first phase.

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  2. Awesome photos. I say “yes” now, more than I did when younger. Maybe middle age has something to do with it. Thanks for sharing. It is always good to go home, even if it is just a visit.

    Liked by 1 person

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