Needy and Unashamed

First of all, let me say that I have the utmost respect for all single independent women who are not only balancing life on their own without a partner but who are also loving and excelling at it. Ladies, I hear you “roaring” fiercely, some declaring your independence and your unwillingness to compromise your freedom or settle for a guy who dares to dim your spotlight and for that I admire you. Now, I’m not a single woman and I wouldn’t dare claim to understand all the nuances of dating and relationships that single women go through.

However, I too am a proud strong independent woman who celebrates women’s right and independence and I’m neither bashful nor ashamed to say that I need my husband. Not only do I need him, but I also want him for all the love, joy, fulfillment, surprises and compromise that come with a relationship. Believe me, it does not make me weak or any less strong and independent to need someone and ladies if this is genuinely not something you desire then there is nothing wrong with that. In fact more power to you!

For me, nothing beats the love and support of someone who needs and wants you as much as you do them. Too often it appears to me that more single women are believing it has to be one or the other. NO, we can be independent and brave and successful and on top and still need someone. Personally, I need someone to share my hopes and dreams with. I need someone to celebrate my wins and losses. I need someone with whom to discuss my fears and disappointments and have them assure me whatever the outcome, everything will be alright. And, even if it turns out that’s not the case, at least we’ll go through it together.

Today my parents celebrate 55 years of marriage and I’m sure they survived primarily because they needed each other so they supported and compromised and endured and respected and loved each other. I want that and that does not make me weak or dependent. Being away from home now for almost a month, it is even clearer to me; I need my man and I’m unapologetic and unashamed saying it.

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19 thoughts on “Needy and Unashamed

  1. Great post Jan. Absolutely true, we don’t have to choose one or the other. We can be strong and independent with or without a man by our side. I like having my old man beside me and I relate to all you say. Congrats to your parents. And to the two of you as well.

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  2. ‘A long and lasting love-not many people find it. But those who do their whole through , put their heart and soul behind it…’🎶🎷🎸[Crystal Gayle]. One of the best songs ever written to describe that bond between a woman and her man.

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  3. I have always admire you and your hubby! I have no doubt you both will have long amazing years together as your parents. Wishing your mom and dad many many more years of love and happiness.#soulmates.❤️

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