A Few To Do’s for Spring

Everywhere we look we’re being reminded that winter is over, and spring is here. Bye winter coats and cold dark days and hello light colorful clothing, walks in the park and fun filled warm days. Isn’t it wonderful to be alive with thoughts of tomorrow, Easter, sunshine and rain, and longer days flooding our brains? The seasons pass quickly, therefore we have to seize the moments and enjoy to the fullest. Here are some of my “tried-and-trues” on enjoying this season.

1. Spring Cleaning Your Closet:
Well let’s get the unpleasant stuff out of the way before we start having fun. For me cleaning out my closet is symbolic of clearing out the “old” and making room for the “new” seasons and experiences to come. Also, due to the size of my tiny closet, I always need to rearrange things in order to optimize the space. Besides I always come across some good pieces of clothing perfect for the new season that have been buried and had long been forgotten.

Image by Simply Organized

2. Making Bouquets of Fresh Flowers:
There’s something about fresh flowers around the house that just seems to uplift my spirits, and boy don’t we all need lifting after over two years of Covid. Since I don’t have a green thumb, at least not fully yet I purchase my flowers from a local store, and I make my own bouquets. But even better, if you do have a green thumb and the time and space, then you can start your own flower garden. That way, you can make your arrangements from fresh flowers grown in your own garden.

3. Go Out and Ride Your Bike:
At any age it is important that we stay active. Grab your bike and take a friend or family member with you, or if you prefer, go alone. Please remember to wear your helmet and stay safe! Great way to build those muscles in your legs in preparation for the shorts of summer!

4. Get Up Close and Personal with Nature:
In the aftermath of the start of the Covid pandemic, hiking seems to have grown in popularity. It’s one of the safest ways to go outside and hit the trails while enjoying nature and breathing in the fresh air. Depending on how fit you are, there are trails of different difficulty levels, choose one that suits you. Set a goal of the trails you would like to visit and try to conquer them all before the winter rolls around again.

5. Move the Fun Outdoors:
If you’re anything like me, you’re always having friends and family over. Spring and summer bring the warm weather and the opportunities to move the fun outdoors. One of the most enjoyable things I’ve done was set a huge table where everyone could sit together and enjoy good food, drinks, music and great conversation together while basking in the pleasures of nature. If you prefer dining out, choose restaurants that have the option of outdoor dining.

6. Visit Your Local Park:
I know we all can’t get away to walk the trails in National Parks but a visit to your local park is just as good. The main idea is to take care of yourself and keep moving!

7. Take a Tour of Your City:
Isn’t it funny how some of us go on vacations to other countries every year but never take the time to experience our own cities that we live in? I remember four years ago while being confined to a hospital bed for over 2 months, I used to watch the Circle Line cruise past my window filled with tourists waving at us poor souls peering through those windows. It occurred to me then, that I had lived in NY for almost 30 years, and I had never been on a Circle Line cruise of NY. The very next summer I rectified that.

Another tour of the Brooklyn Bridge

8. Play a Safe April Fool’s Prank:
Hey, we are never too old for pranks? April Fools’ Day is around the corner and I’m up for a little mischief. If you are with me, remember, the key word here is “safe” and let me add for us older folks “none, heart attack inducing.”

Have fun this spring into summer, God knows we deserve it…Sincerely Jan!

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21 thoughts on “A Few To Do’s for Spring

  1. I love that outdoor table!!! And, good news for me, my hip replacement surgery had been scheduled for April 6th. I’ve missed my bicycle! Hoping I’ll be able to hit the trails again, soon! Fun post!

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  2. Your routine is similar to mine. We look forward to spring and summer as most of our meals are outside on the patio, watching the animals in the pasture, the flower beds and just being. Thank you for sharing. The outside table looks awesome.

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  3. All very good points, but as far as touring the city goes, this Atlanta traffic is a no go! It’s extremely depressing to be sitting in traffic for hours to make it to a destination that should have been thirty minutes, not to mention the road-hog-ism that you have to endure! But you are right, I’ve lived here for over two decades and haven’t began to explore the beauty of my surrounding cities.

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  4. Great ideas! Especially that ‘getting to know your own city’. It’s like living in JA and never visiting Dunns River Falls- that’s a sin🤣😂. Never went on the Circle Line either – lived there for about 19 years. Will definitely do that when I visit again. Glad I use to visit the original Twin Towers – we always assume things will always be there.

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  5. I love this blog and the great ideas you shared. I love the outdoors especially spring through summer. Looking forward to enjoying the warm weather.

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