To Really Love a Woman

Music has a way of resurfacing old memories and stirring emotions long since forgotten. Recently, thanks to a random playlist, I had the delight of being reacquainted with the lyrics of the song “Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman” by Bryan Adams. There was a time when I had my own personal love affair with Bryan Adams and this song. I would play it over and over again while maniacally singing those words out loud with hand gestures and head movements in tow. Somehow over the years with the virtual extinction of CD players, my song got lost in the musical shuffle. Still, for me, this is hands down one of the greatest love songs of all time and believe me there were plenty to choose from back in the days.

So, tell me, does anyone from this latest generation even write love songs like this anymore? Or is it true that the times and the nature and types of relationships these days no longer inspire young writers to pen words like these… ” to really love a woman you’ve got to breathe her, really taste her till you can feel her in your blood and when you can see your unborn children in her eyes, you know you really love a woman.“?

They say songs are a reflection of the times we’re living in. If that’s the case, does it mean that romance as my generation knew it is dead or dying? I hope not, but if it’s true, then you can color me hopelessly romantic because damn, I’ll miss it.

If you would like to hear the entire song click the link below, believe me your heart will appreciate it:

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17 thoughts on “To Really Love a Woman

  1. I can literally see and hear you singing out loud with your hand gestures and all. 😂. These are the songs we FEEL deep down in our soul. I get it!!


  2. First, of all, there’s no manual for loving a woman. Just try to understand her each day cos she is new every morning 😂

    Secondly, yeah romance is dead. People love with their heads now, not their hearts. They calculate and play mind games. They come up with weird rules. No submission, no forgiveness.

    The love Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Linda Ronstadt, Kenny Rogers, Don Williams, Westlife used to sing about is long gone.

    Now people call their ladies b*tches, people call their men f*ol. No respect.

    You just have to create what you want for yourself. Our society is now toxic. Don’t live life from outside to inside, live life from inside to outside.

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    1. True, no manual but you have to admit it does make a good love song 😊.
      About the reason why romance is dead, I didn’t want to explicitly say it but thank you for saying it. It’s sad really but young men like you give me hope as you said “live from the inside out” not the other way around. Thanks for your comments!


  3. That smoky voice! Mine from Bryan A. was ‘Every Thing I Do’. So glad my ‘coming of age’ was really in the late 8o’s -90’s. Guys still romanced back then. I got the letters, the flowers, poetry, long evening walks, stroll on the beach, the song dedicated to you, holding hands, late night phone calls, surprise visits, cooking for me, holding each other and feeling the beating of the hearts [imagine all that without sex]! Dang girl, you make me wanna fall in love again💕😁!

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  4. Oh please, this generation knows nothing about love songs – their version of love songs are “WAP” and mess talking about “if it don’t hang it can’t bang…” and “sucking a watermelon through a straw…” That’s how you express love through song now-a-days! I know about Luther Vandross, Anita Baker, Phil Collins and the likes – you know, when music was music!!!

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  5. Ummm I listen to the latest music. These children are NOT talking about love…at all lol They’re quite depressed and full of anxiety; there’s even a song called “Anxiety.” Anywho…I do like this song that you shared ❤

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