A Little Tax Facts on Tax Day

Well today, April 18th, is the tax filing deadline in the United States for the 2021 tax year. Hopefully this isn’t news to anyone here but here are a few facts on tax day.

Now, in the world of taxes where there is no fun, I have managed to find a few “fun facts” about taxes.

Ever wondered how Americans spend their refunds if they’re lucky enough to get one?

Here’s How Most Americans Spend Their Tax Refund?

– National Today Survey

27% Pay off their debt

24% Save their refund

13% Treat themselves to shopping, dinner etc.

11% Spend on everyday necessities

10% Spend on big purchases really needed

8% Go on vacation

7% Buy a gift for someone and/or other miscellaneous items

Ok, maybe that wasn’t so much fun, but these are, I promise!

10 Fun Facts About Taxes:

-Facts from the Internet, commentary mine 😊.
  1. During the time of Peter, the Great, men were taxed for having beards. Had that been the case today, think beards would be as appealing as they are today?
  2. In the Middle Ages, soap was very highly taxed. Phew, thank God that’s not the case today!
  3. In Maryland, each time you flush the toilet you’re paying taxes. The average person spends $60 annually just to go to the toilet.
  4. Texas has a “pole tax” on the “adult” industry. So, if you’re a regular visitor to the strip clubs and peep shows, just remember, Uncle Sam wants in on some of that “action”.
  5. Approximately 90% of people who employ housekeepers and babysitters cheat on their taxes, mum’s the word on that one.
  6. In the US, if someone reports their company for tax evasion, they are entitled to 30% of the “spoils”.
  7. In 2010, General Electric made over $4 billion in US Profits and paid $0.00 in taxes. What else is new?
  8. In 1691 England started taxing people for the number of windows on their houses. When people started building their houses without windows, sealing up some of the existing ones, and started getting sick as a result of it, that tax was permanently “shuttered”.
  9. Drug dealers have to report income from illicit drugs sales on their tax return or else, if imprisoned, their sentences will be extended for tax evasion. YEAH RIGHT, just enter it on the line that says, “Illegal Drugs Money Entered Right Here.” Seriously though if you really need to know, it goes on Line 21 of Form 1040. You can thank me for the tip later.
  10. Tax preparers and accountants all over this country will be sleeping a whole lot longer and better tonight!

Remember if you’re running late, go ahead and file for that extension!

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15 thoughts on “A Little Tax Facts on Tax Day

  1. We fall into the save category, save for the unexpected. Allow this year it is for necessary trips. Thank you for sharing the fun tax information. I did not know of Texas’s tax on “adult” industry.

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  2. Well the mess of these taxes!! Ga better thank their lucky stars that we don’t have a pole tax. As for the soap tax, I think it might be still imposed on some people, because wow 😮- 🤣 great info

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