I have never lived on my own before. When I was a child, that was the plan though, that was what I daydreamed about. I would grow up and get a career, then I would move to the city to live all alone. No husband and no children in my future. Honestly, I never cared for the latter, as for the husband it was never even a thought.

However, life had something else in store for me. I did get the career and I did move to the city. Not the city I dreamt of nor even the country, but the career box was checked, and the big city was even bigger than I dreamt. However, I never got the chance to live alone. I moved from my parent’s house to a home of my own with a husband and later some kids I earlier thought I never wanted.

I have no regrets about how my life turned out but there are moments when I really appreciate being alone, like tonight. I had spent the day out with one of my sons and I came back exhausted. I took a nap and woke up to silence. House in darkness, not a single light on. After a check all the rooms were empty. The alarm set was the last clue that I was alone.

Alone yes, even if just for a short while. So, I settle into my peace. I close the curtains, pour myself a drink, turn on a James Ingram playlist, got back in bed and I decided to write. What do I write about? I write about this, me, alone enjoying the solitude, James Ingram singing to me, just me alone.

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22 thoughts on “Alone

  1. Being alone, for a short time can be a blessing. It does not mean I do not like my husband around, sometimes it is just nice to not have to do or think of anything. Just be. Glad you are enjoying the time.

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  2. I’m an introvert, which doesn’t always mean someone is painfully shy or even shy. For me it means I need quiet, alone time to recharge my batteries. If I don’t have enough of that time, I feel out of sync. I enjoyed your essay about alone time.

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  3. I’ve only lived alone for three months, so I can relate to this! I do like being alone from time to time, and even though I’m happily married, I do enjoy a day or two on my own when my husband is out of town. I’m always glad to see him come home though!

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  4. I moved from Kingston to Mandeville and lived alone for the first 2 years of my career. No spouse, no kids. Just an occasional friend over, although I spent most of my time working anyway. It was bliss but sometimes I felt lonely and wondered if the isolation would mean I’d end up alone. Now that I recently began cohabiting with my future husband, it’s been something. I love his company, but I still look forward to my occasional days off from work where he’s out and I have the place to myself


  5. It’s normal girl, doesn’t matter how many years you’re married and how much you enjoy his company, you will still need that time alone and that’s perfectly ok even healthy 😊.


  6. I’m usually on the verge of almost saying things and never saying them, and so instead I write it down… Words that would have never existed outside of my thoughts.

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