Reclaiming Spaces

The Corona virus stormed into our lives over 3 years ago and literally sucked the very breath out of us. With classrooms and boardrooms cancelled, concerts and Sunday services cancelled, celebrations and gatherings cancelled, life as we knew it cancelled, some of us went to bed every night wondering whether or not tomorrow too would also be cancelled.

People lost homes, jobs and their livelihoods. Some lost patience, confidence, and hope. We got sick, some of us even sicker. Some recovered and unfortunately some did not. Disagreements ensued between the masked vs the unmasked, the vaccinated vs the unvaccinated, and the woke vs the “un-woke”. And, if that weren’t already enough, this virus of pandemic proportions that unified the entire world under an umbrella of grief and suffering also ripped us apart, separating the young from the old, the live from the dead, the left from the right and the haves from the haves not.

Now after three years of lockdowns and a series of emotional ups and downs, people are tired. Tired of wearing masks, tired of being apart, tired of being unable to “breathe”, tired of having their nostrils swabbed and their arms poked, and most are just plain tired. As vaccination rates increase and regulations decrease, we’re all hopeful that sometime soon, this will completely cease.

In the meantime, if you’ve been out and about lately, one thing is quite clear, people are reclaiming their spaces in this world. People are accepting this new “norm” and moving forward and indoors again. Churches are open, schools and businesses are open, in fact most places are open, and hope and possibilities run endless. The time has come for us to take a renewed look at our lives and hopefully the lessons we have learnt while we were locked away. Sure, this virus ripped our lives apart and took some of our loved ones, but it has shown us a few things about ourselves. It showed us that we’re resilient and that we can be kind, sensible and compassionate in the face of misfortune and suffering. Hopefully we remember this as we move on to better days. Remember though, this virus is still not over, so please we must be safe and exercise good judgement as we move forward in reclaiming our spaces!

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10 thoughts on “Reclaiming Spaces

  1. I echo this:

    “Remember though, this virus is still not over, so please we must be safe and exercise good judgement as we move forward in reclaiming our spaces!”

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  2. You are so right it’s not over. I wonder if it will ever be over. It doesn’t seem like anytime soon. I wish we could snap our fingers and roll it all back like Dorothy😀. I know wishful thinking.

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  3. The key to not getting a virus or bacterial infection is to wash and use care on where our hands go. I worked daycare for several years. In teaching the small children how to wash their hands, the time for washing was however long it took to sing “Happy Birthday”. Years later, I still sing “Happy Birthday”, if only in my head, when I wash my hands. LOL. Fortunately, I have not had Covid-19 during this whole pandemic. I am glad to be able to see friends, still using caution around them. Glad to be able to go to events.

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  4. It is such a tough topic. I’m basing my choices on the statistics yet cannot forget the five family members and three friends I lost before the vaccines were available. I wish masks were still required indoors because I haven’t even had a common cold in the last three years but I’ll continue to mask in crowded areas because even though the risk is not much less, it’s still less. Every day is a gamble full of risks and choices. To me, wearing a mask is an easy choice. Washing hands is an easy choice. Family is worth a little gamble. Eating out, I’ll minimize the risks but choosing outdoor dining over indoor, less popular dining times to allow for distancing.

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  5. Totally agree with you, we still have to exercise common sense and wear our masks when we are in crowds. We also have to start resuming some normalcy too because this thing doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon. Thanks for the comment.


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