“Pieces of April”

There are days when words elude me. Luckily on such days I have my captured memories to turn to. Let me first say thank you for continuing to follow me and welcome to the newcomers, I appreciate you all! As April draws to a close, it’s the perfect time to reflect on some of the simple pleasures it has afforded me. Sometimes beauty and pleasure are found in the simplest and most unexpected places.

Flowers “Inherited” from a Wedding💕

Left Over Tiramisu for Breakfast

White Roses, a Sign of New Beginnings?

Chocolate Cravings

Steaming Hot Homemade Miso Soup

Homemade Heart-shaped Confetti Cup Cakes Just Because

Trees in a Cemetery

Beautiful Rest

Enjoy the few remaining days of April and we’ll meet again in May…Sincerely Jan!

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17 thoughts on ““Pieces of April”

  1. Aren’t the trees and shrubbery in the cemeteries the prettiest? It always looks so peaceful and clean in the cemeteries. I digress, but yes, April is such a good month for so many different reasons especially spring and the beauty it brings.

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