The “Tulip” of the Matter

Last Sunday, my family and I spent the afternoon at a Tulip Festival. With the explosion of smart phones and social media, people have been coming up with creative ways to pass their time and even to generate business. The good side is a lot of it requires us to get up close and personal with nature.

Well, my regular readers may know by now that I just love taking pictures. Therefore, on Sunday I was in picture heaven or as close to it as I could get. There was a sea of tulips of every color and shade under the sun. There were red tulips, yellow tulips, pink tulips, purple tulips, striped tulips, hybrid tulips and tulips that didn’t quite look like tulips but were really tulips. So, just like the hundreds of other overwhelmed “nature lovers” there wandering between the rows of tulips, cell phones and cameras “affixed” to their hands, I fell right in and started capturing the beauty.

Two hours later when we were finally ready to leave, I had pictures of tulips to last a lifetime. I have blanketed this page with my pictures in an attempt to recreate, the warm, colorful vibrancy of the tulip farm!

Of course, a trip to any farm is never complete without a little goofing off and a couple of pictures and selfies!

If you’re having issues viewing the pictures, please visit my site.

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14 thoughts on “The “Tulip” of the Matter

  1. Beautiful pictures. I love tulips. I am planning on planting some this fall. I have finally gotten a spot ready for them. Thank you for sharing your adventure with us.

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  2. Beautiful! This more than makes up for the fact that the bunnies ate my tulips almost down to the ground again this year. I won’t have a single one bloom. But I will have irises.

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