Teacher Appreciation Day

Today, May 5th is Teacher Appreciation Day, however this entire week is dedicated to the recognition and celebration of teachers. I say well deserved, hooray and amen to that!

I have a few family members and friends who are teachers, and I can attest to the fact that teaching is a tough profession that requires time, dedication and a whole lot of patience. Living these last few years with Covid and the current political environment, has tested the resilience, commitment, adaptability and yes, the patience of each and everyone in this profession. To the teachers who are still standing, and even the ones who are no longer teachers, my utmost respect and a big thank you to you all!

**Did You Know This About Teachers?

  1. The average work week for teachers is 53 hours.
  2. According to a study, teaching is 2nd only to the U.S. military, as the profession that has the greatest impact on the well-being of our society.
  3. 94% of teachers resort to using their own money for classroom purchases.

**From National Today

My Most Memorable Teacher Moment:

I wish I could say this is a warm fuzzy teacher memory, but it is not. What it did though, was teach me an invaluable lesson that I still carry with me to this very day. I was about 11 years old, and I had just started high school in Jamaica. This teacher was my favorite teacher and I considered myself a “teacher’s pet.” So of course, being the teacher’s pet that I thought I was, I took advantage and “pushed the envelope” a little too far. I was chatty, disobedient, and maybe sometimes even a little disrespectful. One day finally my teacher had had enough. First, in front of the entire class he scolded me, then he said these 9 words to me, “give someone an inch and they’ll take a yard.” I know this might seem like just 9 simple words to some, but for me it was an embarrassing lesson that taught me never to overstep boundaries or intentionally take another’s kindness for granted. I’m almost sure my teacher does not even remember this, but I do. Thank you, Mr. M D for the lesson.


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12 thoughts on “Teacher Appreciation Day

  1. My favorite teacher was Mr. Herman Dollarbille (pronounced Dollar-buy). He was my high school English teacher. He was very handsome, had an amazing smile, was humorous, smelled great, was understanding, made sure we all understood everything before he moved on, broke everything down to left nothing on the table for doubts or questions!! He made me really love English more.

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