Thursday’s Throwback

Today is Thursday’s Throwback. Join me as I feature some of my favorite old posts from WordPress’ Bloganuary Challenge that you might have missed.

“Remember mom saying to you that you might end up marrying that guy some day? Remember you saying, “I would rather die first.”? Well, my dear you will marry Flego someday and obviously since I’m here writing to you, you are still alive and kicking. He will be the father of those 3 beautiful boys I mentioned. Don’t look so surprised, it’s one of the best decisions you will ever make! So, when you see Flego at school, be nicer to him…but not too nice…save that for later.”

From: Bloganuary Challenge #1- Advice to Teenage Self

To read the entire post, click on the link in the box below.

Bloganuary #1 Breaking it to Me Gently

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