Thursday’s Throwback

Today is Thursday’s Throwback. Join me as I feature some of my favorite old posts you might have missed.

“My life as I knew it ended abruptly and suddenly, I was facing adversity like I never imagined or experienced. I was always in perfect health and now suddenly I could be dying. I was always there for my husband and kids, now I was confined helplessly to a hospital room. I had dreams of getting older and retiring and suddenly I was living from day to day.”

From: Bloganuary Challenge #3 – The Last Time I Stepped Out of My Comfort Zone

Bloganuary #3 No Comfort in My Comfort Zone

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10 thoughts on “Thursday’s Throwback

  1. I missed this one – Started Bloganuary Day # 10. Wonderful story of life, healing and faith. These are the defining moments when life calls us to ‘fight’ or ‘take flight’. Glad you chose to fight. Ever listened to Lecrae and Tori Kelly ‘I’ll find You’. I go here when I feel for my friends and loved ones walking through illnesses.❀

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  2. You are so good with your choice of African colours for your posts.
    I have a weakness for beautiful colour combinations.

    They get me talking even when I want to silently bypass a post πŸ˜„

    You are a true African.

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