May’s Memories

Carpe Diem which means “seize the day” is the motto of my old high school in Jamaica. Over the years that phrase has become more relevant and meaningful to my life. May has come and soon will be gone but not before giving us Mother’s Day, togetherness, and some memories to last a lifetime.

Unfortunately, as is the case with life, all weren’t great memories and May gave us more than our fair share. I know I have said this many times on previous posts, maybe in different ways, but it is worth saying it again. Life is like a roller coaster, one minute we’re up, next minute we’re down, we just have to “seize the day.” I took the weekend to re-charge, and re-charge I did, unfortunately it included a trip to the emergency room (nothing serious), but that’s the nature of life’s ups and downs.

As it has become customary for me to do, below I’m sharing some of my captured memories of May.

May’s Newly Blooming Orchids
Homemade Chocolate & Red Velvet Cupcakes for Mother’s Day

Escovitch Fish for Mother’s Day Dinner

Mother’s Day Flowers

Breakfast on Some Random Day

A Walk in the Park

A May Morning Walk

Roses in Bloom
Bayside Marina

Short Walk on a Long Pier 🤣.

Sunday Brunch with my Boys

Thanks for continuing along with me and see you later as we journey through the month of June…Sincerely Jan ❤️❤️.

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