The Light at the End

Have you ever been tired of trying? Trying to achieve a milestone or to finish a project, trying to mend a broken relationship, making amends, making ends meet? Trying to lead, to understand, to overcome, to change? You’re always trying but the light is always there, at the end, seemingly just beyond reach.

You reach for a goal, but you’re yet to attain it, your efforts never seem to be enough, it never works out, you never kick it, you never “lick” it, you never solve it. You’re always reaching but you never reach. Feels like you crash and burn, you burn out. They never seem to understand, they never listen, they never reciprocate. They’re never grateful or appreciative enough or they never give you the attention you need or desire. It’s never the right place, never the right space or never the right time. The light’s always out there, never within your grasp, and so you keep reaching.

It seems you’re always fixing, figuring, begging, pleading, coaxing, plotting, scheming, revising, recalibrating, throwing out and starting over.

On some days you think you can feel the light, taste it even, you feel you’ve conquered, you’ve overcome, you’ve won. You’ve gained love, respect, success, “light”. Suddenly, the light grows dim and distanced, and it seems you’re back in the dark still reaching for the light.

So, this time you say to yourself, this is it, I concede, I give up, I’m tired. I’ve tried, it’s too hard, it’s improbable, she’s inflexible, he’s unchangeable, it’s infeasible, I’m incapable, it’s all too impossible.

But then, right or wrong, you make a decision as you’ve done before, to keep trying because just maybe, reaching the light is worth just one more try.

Determination or naivety, that’s for you to decide.

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8 thoughts on “The Light at the End

  1. This thing call life – been in some of these ‘spaces’ a few times. I have been both a fool and a believer all wrapped up in one. I feel, I hurt, I forgive, I learn, I give 5th chances, I regret, I hope – I am who I am.

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