Flavors of Cincinnati

First let me say yippie this is my 100th post!!

Whenever I travel to a new country or state, I always like to get a taste of its “flavor”. The flavor of a place is basically its essential or unique characteristics or landmarks that distinguishes that place from another. In my previous post I mentioned that I have been in Cincinnati since Saturday morning. I also related the drama of leaving my Knapp sack containing my laptop along with other sensitive information in the back of an uber belonging to a not so hospitable southerner. Well, I am happy to report the infamous Knapp sack has now been safely returned.

Besides all that negative drama, I’m actually having a great time in Cincinnati! Now how about we indulge in a few of those “flavors” of Cincinnati?

The Roebling Suspension Bridge:
The Roebling bridge was first opened in 1867 and connects Ohio to Kentucky. At a span of 322 meters, for a while it stood as the longest suspension bridge in the world. For you New Yorkers who are thinking this bridge looks eerily similar to The Brooklyn Bridge, you’re not wrong in your thinking. Both bridges were built by the same person, John A Roebling. In 1883 the Brooklyn Bridge was opened spanning 486.3 meters, surpassing Cincinnati’s Roebling Suspension Bridge as the longest in the world. Today the title of world’s longest bridge is held by The Canakkale Bridge in Turkey. It is 2,023 meters long and was opened in March of this very year.

Graeter’s Ice-cream:

Graeter’s ice-cream all started in 1870 by Louis Charles Graeter on the streets of Cincinnati and was being sold out of two hand carts after being handmade at home in French Pots. He married a woman named Regina in 1900 and by 1920 his wife Regina was widowed with two young sons, a struggling ice-cream business and prejudices against women at the time. Now the rest of the story is about pure “woman power” and determination. Against all odds, prejudices, competition, The Great Depression, and other obstacles, Regina overcame and managed to build a thriving ice-cream business. Today, Graeter’s is a popular ice-cream company, still family owned in the state of Cincinnati and can be found in a few other limited states as well. Of course, I had a try a little scoop or two and the verdict is…sweet, creamy and delicious, three of my favorite combinations.

Cincinnati-Style Chili:
If there is one thing that Cincinnati is famous for, that’s its chili. To most of the locals of Cincinnati, in addition to the chili, it’s also a lot about the toppings. It’s customary to hear orders of a “three-way”, “four-way” or a “five-way”. Depending on which “way” you’re going, it will determine the number and types of toppings added to your chili. Toppings include onions, beans, spaghetti, cheese and more cheese. An order of chili is often served with oyster crackers and hot sauce.

My traveling companion ordered a four-way chili which was topped with onions, spaghetti and cheese while I ordered a chili dog which was chili and sausage topped only with cheese. Real talk, no disrespect to the good people of Cincinnati but the chili dog is not for me. The sausage was the same taste and consistency of the canned Vienna sausage and while eating, I kept looking at all the cheddar cheese, my least favorite cheese by the way, and fearing I was going to have a heart attack. So, I think it’s pretty safe to say, there will be no more chili dogs for me.

Overall, Cincinnati is a remarkable city. I’m staying in the downtown area, home of the Cincinnati Reds’ Great American Ball Park stadium and the Cincinnati Bengals’, Paul Brown football stadium. There are numerous great restaurants to choose from, depending on what your pallet desires. There are also lots of museums, historic buildings and sights to see. I find that during the day, the city is calm but at night it comes alive and is bustling with activities and excitement.

Please enjoy the following flavors of Cincinnati!

Feature image: Graeter’s Facebook

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20 thoughts on “Flavors of Cincinnati

  1. Congrats on the 100!!! Cheers to 100 more!!! Well, I wanna go to Cincin too, it’s beautiful and the food looks delish!! My husband and I drove through Cincinatti on our way to Michigan in 2020 – no stops though, but this sure does look worthy of a stay over!

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  2. Congratulations on 100 posts! I’m 2 posts away from 200 and I can’t wait to reach it next week. Anyway, it’s exciting to explore new cities, and like you, I always like trying what makes a place unique. I’d have to pass on the chili dog though. That cheese is looking fake and artery-clogging

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  3. Congratulations on your 100 posts!!!
    Cincinnati looks like a really beautiful city. I love the history and the food. I would pass on the chili dog too😊 Thanks for sharing! Have a great time!!

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  4. You see this is one of the reasons I enjoy blogging, hearing about places like Cincinatti that I wouldn’t normally hear or even think about from my home here in Liverpool. It looks like a bright, vibrant place. If I ever travel across America again, I’ll try and include it. And it was interesting to hear about Graeter’s Ice-Cream, and so selfless of you to try it out so you can tell us if it’s worth having any if we ever get there!

    Congrats on your 100th post, I’ve done less than half of that in two years!

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  5. I’m so glad that you got your stuff back! That is so stressful.

    I like to take in the local flavors as well. One of my favorite souvenirs is if I can manage to lay my hands on a “community cookbook” sold by a church or other community group. They often have wonderful “local flavor!”

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  6. My stepdad lived for years in Cincinnati and he loved the chili. When I worked in downtown Milwaukee in the late 1970s there was a chili place that served chili like this. I loved it.

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  7. That’s what I hear, the people of Cincinnati love their chili. It could be me though and it being my first time and me not being fond of having so much cheese on anything.


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