That One Thing

What is that one thing in life that you always look back at and wish you had done it? When you first conceived the notion of doing it, it was something you had hoped to do in the near future. Then as time passed it became an item on a bucket list of things you hoped to get to someday. Now today you find yourself longingly looking back at it as something you wish you had done.

Some of us don’t have that one thing. We have managed to live our lives boldly, unapologetically and free of fear and limitations. But let’s face it, in life we all don’t have the same spirit, opportunities or means to live that way. So, what were the reasons that prevented you from doing this one thing? Was it due to financial restrictions, or was it something you just couldn’t build up the courage to do? Was the timing just not right or did someone tell you, you just couldn’t do it? Whatever the reasons then, are they still valid reasons today to prevent you from doing it?

Unfortunately for some of us the moment has passed. That one thing has to remain a dream forfeited, something we dreamt about doing but just never got around to doing it. For the rest of us, hey there is still time, so what is stopping us now? What are we waiting for? The time is now, and we owe it to ourselves to make a commitment to finding the time and the means to get that one thing done. If this is something we really want to do, then let’s do it. Let’s try to not leave any regrets behind.

So, whether that thing is going back to school, traveling, starting a business, climbing a mountain or whatever the case may be, take that one thing and dust it off. Make a commitment to devise a plan to do it now if possible, or sometime in the near future. Let’s do it before it becomes that one thing that you never got to do.


16 thoughts on “That One Thing

  1. Inspirational. Love it.

    We should never feel it’s too late to get back to work on any dream of ours.

    I realized when a task looks daunting and I push myself to do it, it becomes smaller in my eyes and I grow hungry to take on a bigger challenge, inadvertently pushing myself to outgrow my old self.

    Thanks, Janice for sharing. I must confess I am always on the lookout for your posts. I find them insightful and full of ideas to meditate on.

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    1. Oh, that’s so kind, thank you! Glad I’m able to inspire your meditation. Yes, true sometimes it takes a little effort to just get started, but once we have overcome that initial hurdle it gets easier, keep pushing.


  2. Ironically, traveling was something I was able to do plenty of because I wasn’t able to have children. So I guess I regret not having known my biological clock was ticking faster than most. But it may not have changed the outcome even if I had. Not so much a regret but I always dreamed about climbing Mt Everest or walking the Appalachian trail but the opportunities were not there and my joints would not handle those treks now. I don’t feel badly I didn’t do them but I do love to follow the stories of friends who have.

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  3. So sorry, those darn knees are always the first to betray us. Get to the base/start of the mountain or trail, go a few miles up or as far as you can manage and take some beautiful pictures 😊.


  4. Love this! Making that ‘bucket list’ can help to keep this in focus and a buddy who is like-minded. Sometimes we say ‘it’s never too late’ but the reality is…it can be. However, we can modify those plans rather than doing nothing. This speaks to me too…

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