Columbus Cravings

This morning I woke up in Columbus, Ohio. Well of course I didn’t just wake up here, I actually rented a car and drove over two hours from Cincinnati to get here. Luckily for us, we got here right at the start of a weekend long festival and our hotel is located smack in the middle of the excitement so that was a pleasant, unexpected surprise.

When we arrived yesterday we were tired and starving and being the pasta monster that my traveling companion is, after a quick Google search we found an Italian restaurant. Now had I been one to judge a restaurant by the cover I would have run away once we got inside. Confession…actually I am, but we were hungry and like I said somebody was craving pasta.

Let me tell you, I can safely say this is one of the tackiest joints I’ve ever been in. Now I know it’s customary for these Italian restaurants to have pictures of family and famous people hanging on the walls but this was overdone to the “umpteenth” power. We passed by about six or seven rooms before we got to our table and all the walls of every single room were covered with pictures. Did they actually know or feed these people at one time? I don’t know, none of the pictures in my room were autographed, but I could have easily missed an autograph or two on the other hundreds of pictures hanging on the walls of the other six or seven rooms we walked through. Still if the shabby worn out carpet was any indication of their popularity and longevity, then it’s safe to say this restaurant was a hit.

And a hit it was, the food from the bread to the salad to the pasta to the Chicken Parmesan was delicious and satisfied every craving. I even heard the sentence “best I’ve ever had” mumbled a few times in between mouthfuls of food. All meals were served “family style”, so as you can imagine, too much food for two no matter how starving we were and considering I’m not a fan of Italian food. Still, we ate and gave the rest to an homeless man we saw sitting on the sidewalk earlier.

Lesson, never judge a restaurant by its decor or carpet 😂. All in all, it was great first day in Columbus…Sincerely Jan!


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