All the Way In, or All the Way Out

I’m not quite sure what it is with people today, but it seems to me that more and more we are less willing to share our true feelings. Forget emotions that make us appear vulnerable or on the “weaker” end of a relationship, for some, these are feelings to be avoided at all costs. So, instead we walk around with our true feelings all suppressed and bottled up, just so that we can appear stronger, more independent, saner and even tougher than we really are.

We’re afraid of giving ourselves wholeheartedly to relationships for fear that they will end, or the other person will not feel the same. We worry about being too attached instead of just embracing a relationship for what it is. We refuse to make the first move to a guy or girl we really like, instead we play phone and head games because we’re afraid of appearing needy or desperate. We refuse to express our true feelings to a friend and we’re always tiptoeing around and accepting other people’s crappy treatment of us because we’re afraid of hurting their feelings. Sadly, we refuse to tell others we’re experiencing emotional trauma and need help. So, we try to go through it secretly and alone which we all know that never makes things better. Sounds familiar, are any of these you?

Well, I’ve been there, and life is way too short so now I’m into honesty, speaking my mind, and living in the moment. More and more I’m getting used to the idea of wearing my heart on my sleeve without fear of anger, loss or rejection. I’m taking life one day at a time and fully embracing each single moment to the fullest, because with love and life, you’re either “all the way in or all the way out.”

Cynthia Schloss a Jamaican reggae artist says it best in this 3 min song, “All the Way in or All the Way Out”

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25 thoughts on “All the Way In, or All the Way Out

  1. I love this write-up. Deep wisdom.

    The problem sometimes is trust. It hurts when you hear something you’ve confided in someone from another person. So after many such instances of betrayal, people tend to bottle their feelings and struggles.

    When it comes to the issue of love, the more experienced you are in matters of the heart, the more confident you are in approaching and expressing interest in a potential date.

    The first time I proposed to a lady, I was so clumsy at it and I really said some dumb stuff 😅

    But honesty about our feelings and living in the moment are the best ways to truly enjoy this life.

    Honesty has earned me many things in life I never deserved and for that, Janice, a medal for you for echoing this truth.

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    1. I totally agree, sometimes based on our experiences it’s hard to trust and yes, we do need to be careful with our hearts. But we cannot let over cautiousness and fear stop us from embracing great relationships.

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  2. I can so relate to this! I’m the same, living in the moment and being honest with my feelings and myself in general…… I’ve come to realise the best way to do life, is by being my true self and let go of resistance. X

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  3. I blame the internet— ok not entirely, as people we have always had a bit of a conceited streak, keeping up with Jones, keeping up appearances – and being vulnerable or weak seems like such a terrible thing.

    One day the world is going to laugh at all the things we thought mattered


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  4. I can relate to this
    .thanks for sharing and being honest

    I am defo a heart on sleeve person and get so hurt and frustrated, as people holding back just screams the don’t care or feel as deeply

    Thanks for sharing

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