Words Heard on the Street …

It is my constitutional right to choose NOT to wear a mask to prevent the spread of Covid!

You are violating the constitutional rights and health of my kids by forcing them to wear a mask while attending school and playing with their friends!

It is my constitutional right to have readily accessible to me, all kinds of guns, even the ones that rip apart the fragile bodies of innocent children while they’re learning in schools!

It violates my constitutional rights to have background checks and sensible gun control measures!

It is not my right to provide you with healthcare and paid maternity leave and financial assistance when you need it. “Are you kidding me that a personal thing you take care of it!”


It is definitely not your constitutional right to be able to choose whether or not you want to carry a child for nine months and at least 18 years after, even if conceived by rape or incest. And if such unborn child threatens your life, it is our right to decide whether you live or die.

These are the words on the street. Do they make logical or even human sense, you decide?

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17 thoughts on “Words Heard on the Street …

  1. The pilgrims made this trip for Religious freedom this country is anything but… when we have a terror group called conservative/ Catholics forcing their beliefs on the entire population. SMH!!love your thoughts! Sincerely Jan

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  2. I believe the right to abortion should be available to all people in all fifty states. If someone doesn’t believe in abortion, they have other choices. But one person should not have the right to tell another person what to choose. It’s a personal matter. Thanks for writing this.

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