Life’s Simple Pleasures

It has been a while since my last post. There are days when it feels right to just sit back, shut up and appreciate life’s simple pleasures. So, this weekend was one of those dedicated to food, family, friendship, fellowship and fun.

The July 4th weekend has also become an important milestone in my life since it is the anniversary of the start of my 2nd stem cell transplant. Thanks to the Grace of God, four years later, I’m still being granted the privilege of continued life. Nothing is better at putting into perspective the greatness of God and the simple pleasures of life. The nature of our existence dictates that for every feeling or emotion that one goes through on any given day or period, there will be an opposite one lying in waiting somewhere in the future. During moments of doubt, fear, and pain we push through and endure and hopefully in the end we have acquired more hope, faith, love and strength to prepare us for the next go around or whatever comes next. In the meantime, life goes on.

So, this weekend as I enjoyed the company of family and friends, I couldn’t help thinking about the simple pleasures of my life. These are the things that although simple, provide me with so much joy. Here are a just a few of mine:

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  1. Chewing the mint leaves after drinking a cold glass of mojito.
  2. The sound of rain hitting the windows when I’m in bed.
  3. Singing karaoke with family and friends, none of whom can sing.
  4. Christmas Hallmark movies.
  5. Carmel popcorn with peanuts while bingeing on Christmas Hallmark movies.
  6. Backyard BBQs and themed parties.
  7. Clowning around with my guys.
  8. Double scoop ice-cream sundaes, Jamoca Almond Fudge scoop on the bottom, Pistachio Almonds on top, with peanuts, strawberries, and whipped cream completed with a cherry on the top.
  9. Cleaning the house from top to bottom then sitting back and admiring my handy work.
  10. Listening to old love songs.

Simple pleasures, complete joy, what are some of yours?

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17 thoughts on “Life’s Simple Pleasures

  1. Amazing post. A mouth-wetting list of simple pleasures you’ve got there. You got me smacking my lips and aching to relive those moments.

    One of the things I enjoy doing is having conversations with individuals most people would shun ( maids, promiscuous people,

    The fun and joy of hanging out with such people are indescribable.

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  2. Love this Jan! Truly simple pleasures. I love watching movies alone- laugh out loud by myself. I also love to hangout with Gen -Zs and Millennials -hear their stories, understand their mindsets – engage them in crazy discussions in a non-judgmental relaxed environment.

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    1. Some movies are best watching alone, no interruptions and no one can see you cry 😊. It seems hanging with young folks is something common with teachers. I have a teacher friend who not only hangs with them she wears the cool sneakers and listens to their music. She’s stern and cool with her students at the same time and they love and respect her. I’m sure yours do too😊!

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  3. Excellent post. I love the sound of rain hitting the window too, and reading a good novel while I’m lying down in bed. Of late I’m obsessed with Ottessa Moshfegh. I also like my morning coffee with a cigarette (Yes I know it’s not cool to smoke, but I’m cutting down lol), I enjoy music of all types – gospel, Rock, folk, post-rock, jazz, etc. I also enjoy TV shows more than movies. The Boys and Stranger Things are my latest favourites.

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  4. Sounds like you’re real cool🤣. Another lover of Stranger Things, I don’t get it. I argue with my son’s all the time. I just don’t see what you guys see in that series, it is just so strange, hence the name, I guess. Yes, go easy on the cigarettes 😊.

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  5. “Nothing is better at putting into perspective the greatness of God and the simple pleasures of life.” Indeed, that’s it right there, well said! Wonderful to hear, it’s been four years! Father, I pray Your love, and the simple pleasures, will resound in your daughter’s heart. May your peace and strength, forever be her portion! In Jesus’s name, Amen! Blessings to you, Janice!

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