This weekend my blog surpassed 10K all-time views!

Today I’m stopping by to say thank you and to show my appreciation to my all viewers on helping me to achieve this milestone. If I’m being honest with myself, and I always try being “straight up” with myself and my readers, I have to admit this post is also a bit of an ego-booster for me too. Let’s face it, everyone likes being successful at a project or a goal and appreciates being validated. When I started blogging 7 months ago, I was bored, I had time on my hands, and shh…don’t tell anyone this, but I thought I could make some money doing it. What a delusion that was 🀣!

I soon realized though, that even though I wasn’t going to get rich doing this, I do have a few things to say and thank you guys for acknowledging that by reading, liking and commenting. Having your input and conversations have definitely made this so much more interesting and worthwhile.

Before I go, I’m sharing below a cool little feature I discovered while exploring the WordPress website during Thursday’s drama. Isn’t it cool that all my previous posts can be found right there in that little cloud?

africa appreciation April beautiful birthday, blog Bloganuary challenge change children Christmas Cincinnati countdown faith family February flowers food friday gifts God grateful happy humor husband inspiration Inspire Jamaica leukemia life love May memories New Year October Ohio photograph relationships respect Soccer social media time travel values WordPress

So, once again thanks for following along and reading my bogs…Sincerely Jan ❀️!

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59 thoughts on “Milestones

  1. Congratulations!!! Every milestone is an achievement. Perhaps if you stick with it, you may become rich one day, ha! I’ve been at it for 5 1/2 years and not rich in money yet, but certainly rich with improved writing skills, experiences, e-friends and I’ve gone on to meet a few in real life!

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    1. See, those are the best riches! Who knows, next time I’m in Jamaica I might just pop up on you 🀣. Man, that sounds a little stalkerish 🀣🀣.


  2. Well done Jan, you’ve worked with enthusiasm and commitment to get this far in such a short period. Unfortunately I don’t always have time to read and respond to all your blogs, but when I do they are always enjoyable and noticeably, you always make the effort to reply.

    So congratulations.

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  3. Janice, I don’t miss a blog. (Except when my phone acts up). I love the simplicity, the humor and your wonderful inspiring style of writing. I am looking forward to more blogs and hopefully a book in the future.

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