A Time for Pruning

Have you ever gotten to that crossroad in life where you had to make a decision as to whether it’s time for a change or whether it will be “business” as usual? Sometimes we find ourselves there because we’ve become unproductive or we’ve been constantly making the same bad decisions, we’ve been attracting the wrong people, we’ve felt stressed out and burnt out or maybe we’ve been stuck in the same rut, neither going backwards nor forward.

In times like these, similar to plants and trees that need the occasional pruning, where we cut away branches and other unproductive parts to allow for new growth and rejuvenation, so do we as people need that time of pruning. Believe it, we were put on this earth to flourish. We were told “to be fruitful and multiply”. So, if we’re in a place where we’re feeling as if we’re not “bearing fruit” and not making meaningful contributions to life, or maybe we’re just not living up to the simple, normal, happy life we envisioned for ourselves, then it’s only natural for us to want a change.

How we come to this realization of change differs from person to person. Some of us, on our own, suddenly or gradually, come to see that our lives as it currently is, is undesirable and unsustainable. Others are thrust into a crisis where there are no other alternatives but change, and still, sadly there are those of us who never get the hint, or maybe even if we do, we are so afraid of the consequences of change and the responsibilities that follow, we simply choose to ignore it, business as usual.

So how do we actually change? We start with self-review and reflection. We look at our lives and our past as well as all the things that currently surround us that are dictating the quality of our lives. Yes, we have to come face to face with “the good, the bad and the ugly” in our lives and determine what needs to be cut out and what needs to be nurtured. And, for those of us who are already “knee deep” or completely submerged by “that” crisis, recognize it for what it is. It’s a teaching moment, a “refining by fire”, a time for reflection and change. Yes, it’s a time for pruning, so seize the opportunity to learn and grow from it and don’t blow it!

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13 thoughts on “A Time for Pruning

  1. It’s a difficult process because it really is trial by fire. It’s harrowing if you’ve fallen into a pattern of despair and self-loathing. I think the first step towards change is easy, but it’s the following through that takes a toll on you. Kind of like going to the gym. The first day you sweat it out and think you’re going to get that six (or is it eight now?) pack, but then your muscles ache and you give up. I look at my life and I often wonder if I’m insane because I tend to do the same things hoping for a different result. It’s ludicrous. Thank you for this post. It’s difficult to digest for a pessimist like me, but it’s much needed. And it’s written very well.

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  2. The pain of meaningful change is certainly better than the pain that eventually comes from unfruitfulness and stagnancy. Especially if the stagnancy is breeding toxicity or crippling our purpose. Certainly food for thought Jan!

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