Familiarity of the Sun

I live for sunrises and sunsets, and I have photographed many. I have chased them to different ends of the earth, to just the right spaces in some of the most beautiful places. I have gotten up early in the morning to capture many a sunrise, a perfect mix of colorful hues, heartwarming tones of orange and blues.

One thing I’ve come to realize though, is that there is a familiarity in all the pictures of the sunrises and sunsets that I have taken. Once you take away the backdrop of the places and countries you’re in, and just view the sunrise and sunset over the ocean, they all look the same. Amazing, capturing, majestic, familiar but always beautiful.

I don’t know about you, but I find a certain comfort in the familiarity of the sun.

Virginia Beach Sunrise

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17 thoughts on “Familiarity of the Sun

    1. I woke up on Saturday morning just to see the sun come up over the ocean. That’s not an everyday thing for me, so I have to appreciate it when I have it 😊.


  1. It’s the same sun as ever, same distance from the earth, same amount of heat projected on the earth every time every day…

    But the temperature is different for many people across the globe, the beauty is appreciated in different grades by various people.

    It is the wonders of God. A proof of His taste: varieties.

    Nice post, Janice.


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