As July Fades to Black

July literally came in with a bang as we celebrated our country’s independence on the 4th of July. As I was going through my phone looking for pictures to highlight the month, it appears I spent a good part of each day, looking up at the sky and watching soccer. Soccer has become a lifestyle and sunrises and sunsets have a way of wrapping me up in their warm blanket of colors.

Please enjoy my memories of July as I look back, and watch the skies fade from orange to black.

The very first morning glimpse of the sun

Early sunrise, I woke up for this

“A room with a view”

High noon on the Virginia boardwalk

Sunsets and soccer

Sky on fire

As darkness falls over my neighborhood

Moon Gazing

Smores on a night in July

LI RoughRiders USL2 Eastern Conference Champions 2022

Again, thanks for following along and welcome to the new readers of my blog. I wish you all the best as we move into August, hopefully together…Sincerely Jan!

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33 thoughts on “As July Fades to Black

  1. Lovely pictures. I see you are having a wonderful time. Nice.

    July was an interesting month. Somewhere in the middle of July, I had a couple of debts which were to be paid before the 28th. God being so good, I cleared the debts long before the deadline. When I was in debt, the month was running very fast to the 28th and suddenly slowed down when I cleared my debts 😅

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  2. Why does the moon look so much brighter there than in Malaysia? Lol. Must seem like daytime at night there. Thanks so much for sharing all those pics, as I get to experience another part of the world. And July really flew by in a jiffy, didn’t it?

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