A Split Second

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Sometimes in life it only takes a split second before our lives are changed forever.
A split second between doing the right thing or the wrong, being in or out, caged or free, alive or dead. A mere second between where we are and where we would like to be. Some of us find ourselves tarnished by a split-second decision we can never take back, we’ve been accused, convicted, and sentenced to wear the stain of that second, forever.

There are certain things in life that due to our moral compass we tell ourselves, they could never happen to “us”. They seem so far removed, so out of character, so “them” not “us”. But sometimes with passions flaring and time against us, we find ourselves on the brink of crossing the line into realms we thought were only typical of “them”. Hopefully, in the end a cool head prevails and we make the right decision, but sometimes unfortunately that’s not always the case. As a result, we find ourselves ostracized and penalized, wishing we could take that one second back. That one second that now defines our entire existence. All that we’ve dreamt of, all that we’ve accomplished, gone in one split second.

There are consequences for our actions. Life is a series of events that all lead to a series of decisions. The decisions we make today, determine the type of decisions we will have available to us tomorrow. One wrong, ill-thought-out, split-second decision, could change the trajectory of our lives forever. It’s therefore wise that we control our emotions and make those decisions with a clear head.

Think before acting on impulse. Think before doing something you will regret. Think before pulling the “trigger” on that avalanche of pain, terror, and regret that is sure to come snowballing down the second you act. So, when confronted with a life changing split-second decision, take more than a second to think about it…take 10.

Count 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10.

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21 thoughts on “A Split Second

  1. Sometimes we need to take a few seconds to calm our minds down to make the right decision. I have a hard time not reacting instantly but it’s something I’m working on and actually getting better at. Great post.

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  2. Besides split second events, I also find that every decision I make, no matter how tiny, could affect my life very significantly. So I make sure to be mindful of my choices, but at the same time try not to overthinking things, because other than that, there’s no telling the future, right? Thanks for this post, Janice!

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